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Marriage Astrology
Marriage is a divine unison of soul mates and is a vital decision one makes in life. The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person. Especially, in today’s digital world, finding your perfect match has become quite a challenging task. Vedic Astrology says that there are several factors influencing your marriage life and compatibility between the couple. The planetary positions in one’s birth chart decide the time of marriage and how life unfolds after marriage.
When will you get married, how will be your married life, what will your future spouse be like ?
When will I get married?
Why there is a delay in getting married?
Do I have any dosha (affliction) which is delaying or denying marriage?
Will I get an understanding partner
How successful will my marriage life be?
What are my chances for a second marriage?
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  Married Life Report
  Get answers to all these questions and if you feel that you are not leading a happy married life and there are troubles in your life or you want to know how your coming year will be as far as married life is concerned then don’t worry, Our astrologer will help you out with all the queries or doubts you have and will provide remedies to mitigate the ill effects of the planets.

Our astrologer will analyze the complete natal chart and role of benefic and malefic planets in your personal life and give his opinion and remedies to you.

You can choose your astrologer when you provide the details. Mention the astrologer of your choice.

USD 15 / 500 INR
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Why should I opt for this report?
Know what stars foretell about your marriage, and when will you meet the One for you
The best available astrology guidance from the expert astrologers will solve your marriage related anxiety
You will get comprehensive details about your prospective spouse, and when you will meet him/ her
You will be able to know whether you are destined to have a love or arranged marriage
How is your guidance helpful?
The detailed analysis you will get for the questions asked is surely going to clear your doubts about problems or pending decisions pertaining to your marriage
Since you will be able to develop clarity of mind, you will be able to take correct, practical decisions without getting swayed by emotions
Your present and your future will hugely benefit, and you will be able to make the most of the favourable time frames in the coming period
With a little effort and investment, your life will become blissful
Influence of Planetary Positions in Marriage
In case of a male horoscope, the position and aspects of the Moon is considered very important and for a female horoscope, position of the Sun is chiefly considered to study the compatibility among the couple. The position of these two luminary bodies in one’s birth chart connotes a harmonious marriage life.

As the saying goes: “Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus”, these two planets and their positions in the natal chart contribute majorly to a blissful relationship. The benefic positions of Venus and Mars increase the chances of a successful and committed wedded life. These relationship planets can bring about a timely and joyful marriage in one’s life. However, if Venus and Mars are weak in a chart or receive troublesome influences from other planets, they can wreak havoc by triggering energies that destroy relationships or give ongoing marriage troubles.

Your birth chart can predict the timing of your marriage, how long will you be married and also whether you will be married or not. While certain planetary positions favor marriage, few placements also delay marriage.

A delay in marriage is attributed to the following factors:
For men, the 7th house, its lord and Venus’s placement are considered to forecast the time of marriage
For women, the 7th house, its lord and Mars’s placement are considered to predict the time for their wedding bells
For the longevity of the husband, the 8th house in women’s chart is to be considered
Therefore, by studying the planetary positions, planetary aspects and their influences in one’s horoscope, different, the nature, timing and events of your married life can be predicted.

Marriage astrology also answers several questions about marriage like: When will I get married? Will my partner be rich or not? How successful will my wedded life be? What are the chances of second marriage? And so on.

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