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Life Report

This exhaustive report can be requested for a complete astrological analysis of your birth chart. This is the most comprehensive & exhaustive personal horoscope reading.

Life prediction report is the most comprehensive report which covers almost all aspects of your life. The expertise of astrologers of astrovidhi ensures that you are well armed with the information of events going to happen in the coming time. The reading is done as per vedic astrology.

Our astrologers not only use the lagna chart but also the moon chart, navansha, dashmansa, planetary significations and the results coming out from it. To confirm them, transits are used. It consists of your business, career, health, family, progeny, marital life, vehicle, property, foreign travels etc.

Remedies are ways to activate past life merit that may be ripe for you to receive at this time. Remedies also give a way to take responsibility to clean up any mess you have made in the past with mishandling money.

Life Time Report

It cover predictions of your life over the next 3 years in terms of-

Career, Health, Finances, Advice on investments, Marriage life, Children.

Suggestion for Vedic remedies and gemstones.
An opportunities to ask 3 specific questions.
A detailed casting of the horoscope.
A detailed interpretation of planet in your birth chart and their significance.
The most good and bad period of life, Sade Sati effects and remedies.
USD 40 / 1,100 INR
Delivery: Within 3 - 4 Business Days
Free Mailing, soft copy All over India and any where
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  Life Time Report

We will in position to tell you clear facts about your current situation after, a detailed analysis of your horoscope. The transits and planets effects on you, which is giving problem to your business.

It is most important to know the destiny of your career life is favorable for either job or business or both as per your birth chart. According to the strength and weakness of the destiny, you face gain or loss according to the running Dasa Bukthi periods. If the Destiny is strong, you could get success and gain through own business. The favorable Dasa Bukthi periods have to be utilized properly.

If the destiny is not favorable, you should drop the idea of starting your own business .Because that idea could have been triggered in you just because of the supportive period. Otherwise. You will face trouble and end up in loss later in the unfavorable Dasa Bukthi. You must understand the above and act accordingly.

We will in position to tell you clear facts about your current situation after, a detailed analysis of your horoscope. The transits and planets effects on you, which is giving problem to your business.

Can I have a better life and future?
Definitely, you will have a better understanding about your coming time and will be armed with the knowledge of all the remedies you will require so you will be able to cope up with the coming time easily and with a smile.

Whatever destiny has in store for you, our astrologer will tell you how to mitigate it so there is no need to worry.

Will my details be confidential?
Rest assured that we strongly believe in keeping things to us only and not spreading it like many others do. Your every detail will be confidential and we can guarantee that to you.

Our astrologer will analyze the complete natal chart and role of benefic and malefic planets in your personal life and give his opinion and remedies to you.

USD 40 / 1,100 INR
Why should I opt for this report?
To know what suits you best, regarding your problem.
This information will increase your chances of success/happiness, as we direct you to the sector/s best suited for you, on the basis of your Horoscope.
You will get to understand yourself or a loved one in a never-before way.
This forecast combined with the corrective solutions will help you enhance your life to a great extent
How is your guidance helpful?
The Janampatri is like the blue-print of one’s life, and our detailed analysis will help you get great insights about your life and personality
The solutions to your confusions and problems will ease the difficulties that you are facing and will guide you to a correct path.
By predicting your future, you can avoid making blunders and can play smart with your career.
You can utilise the suggested remedial solutions to make your life happy
How Life Time Report is prepared?

It’s the job of an experienced Vedic Astrologer to prepare your precise birth chart on the basis of the birth data provided by you. This gives him the placement of different planets – altogether 9 in number in 12 different houses across the 12 zodiac signs. This chart is then deeply studied to interpret each and every sphere of your life to draw future predictions. While doing the same, the future transits of key planets are considered along with the dasa periods (Vimsottari Dasa) and the operating dasa at the time of your birth.

While the position & strength of planets decides the occurrence of events, the dasa analysis provides vital clues on the timing of those events, that is the time when the effects as being presented by your birth chart will manifest in your life. All of this is presented in form of a Detailed Horoscope Reading with Predictions. For instance, it will tell you if you would inherit wealth; if your spouse would be a perfect match for you and your career trajectory would go upwards.

What is Detailed Horoscope Reading? A horoscope based on the configuration of planets - Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn and others drawn as per the time, date & place of your birth holds the key to all mysteries of your life. It’s a key which can actually unlock the reason behind all events that have happened in past and are going to take place in future. Interpretations of your birth chart by an expert Vedic Astrologer can give you a wealth of information on just about everything in your life. It can give you not just the reason behind why the things are, the way they are and how they will continue to shape up in future but also the 'ways & means' to correct them if some of them happen to be not so favourable. So if you want to understand more about your life and read what’s in store for you, a Detailed Horoscope reading with predictions is most suitable for you.

The basic strength of your horoscope & the level of luck.
Description of 9 planets and their effects on you.
Family life, speech & communication, thinking patterns.
Career, money matters, success in investments, income sources & level of affluence.
Therefore, by studying the planetary positions, planetary aspects and their influences in one’s horoscope, different, the nature, timing and events of your life prospects can be predicted.
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