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Medical Astrology - Health Report

In today’s world, staying in pink of health is one of the most challenging tasks to establish and retain. The prevailing life style and food habits demand your vigilant watch over your fitness. Setting aside the physical exercises, it’s time for you to realize that Spiritual Exercises also play a major role in maintaining a robust health. These exercises rejuvenate your energy to stay hale and healthy. We present to you our Powerful range of Spiritual Remedies that will immunize you against all the physical and mental illnesses.

The ancient seers and saints had great interest in providing practical solutions for humanity, and collectively, they have left us with a wealth of information for better health and beauty that is very relevant in the modern world.

For beauty, you are influenced by the placement of Venus in your chart for the expression of beauty in our lives.

Mars is the planet that gives or blocks your vigor and vitality. Saturn grants or denies longevity and endurance. The Sun is the source of our life-affirming energies.

Doing targeted remedies based on examination of your planetary influences can actually enhance your health and beauty.

These remedies strengthen your weak planetary positions and blow away negative influences on your physical well-being and personal appearance.

“Health is wealth” is a true saying. When our minds and bodies are strong and vibrant, we can do so many things with ease and comfort. It is important to note that astrology is no substitute for proper medical advice and treatment.

Reports :
Will my disease get cured? when?
Is my mother’s health is in danger?
What could be the disease I am suffering . When will it get cured?
Will I undergo any surgery? Is there any threat to life indicted in my son’s chart?
I am facing a lot of mental tensions and frustration, why? when will be alright?
I am having severe recurring pain in my abdominal region for the past couple of years. But medical reports says nothing serious. Is there anything serious asper astrologically?
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  Health Report

Medical Astrology is a very advanced field of Vedic Astrology practiced since the time of seers and saints. Given the world we live in today makes us prone to all kinds of lifestyle diseases besides the other health issues. There’s also an ever increasing awareness and cautiousness regarding one’s health. Today, health is considered as the most cherished form of wealth. No wonder that so many people are taking to Vedic Astrology to discuss and sort their health issues. Medical Astrology Consultation is a service whereby our Vedic Experts take up your health problems, read into your birth chart and send back your specific answers along with astrological remedy.

USD 15 / 500 INR
Why should I opt for this report?
This question can be answered by understanding that Vedic Astrology is capable of reasoning out your current life events as well as predict them for your future.
Questions like “when will my ear problem that I have been suffering since last two years be over, if at all” or “when will my child turn normal and start doing things on his own” can be predicted by studying certain configurations & combinations in the birth charts by expert Vedic Astrologers.
You can go for Medical Astrology Consultation to relieving stress to a very large extent usually associated with the ‘unknown’ factors related with health!
Yolu will get call from us for a telephonic session. Or you can call at 9899842558, to book a telephonic session.
How is your guidance helpful?
You can take smart calculated decisions.
The solutions to your confusions and problems will ease the difficulties that you are facing and will guide you to a correct path.
You can utilise the suggested remedial solutions to make your life happy.
Remedies suggested shall help you get rid of the negative planetary aspects, if any,
You must know the following:

It is important to know the destiny of your health status in your chart. It is also important to know the strength of the longevity. According to the strength and weakness of the destiny, you could have the health trouble and also cure depending on the running Dasa Bukthi.

If the destiny is weak and the running periods are also detrimental, that period would cause severe health issues. For accurate reading the placement of Planets in Dasha Bhukti Antra wrt following. Houses are carefully examined :

6th House - It denotes sickness and disease.
8th House - It denotes chronic disease and surgical operation.
12th House - It denotes confinement to bed, hospitalization and expenses there on.
9th House - It signifies the luck and destiny of native.
Therefore, by studying the planetary positions, planetary aspects and their influences in one’s horoscope, different, the nature, timing and events of your life prospects can be predicted.
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