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Gemstone Suggestion

This report will cover each and every major aspect of your horoscope with respect to best suiting Gem stone or stones for you. Our expert astrologers will give you their insights on which stone will suit you best.

There is a general understanding amongst the masses that gem stones are to be used as per moon sign or rashi which is false and very damaging to the native’s life and future prospects. Actually there are set parameters on which a horoscope is tested and then only an astrologer can suggest a Gem stone and also suggest that whether any gem stone is required or not in the first place. So it is better to get expert guidance before going to purchase a gemstone.

Reports :
Which Gem stone I can wear for my general prosperity?
Can I wear Emerald or Ruby? Please suggest.
I am facing tremendous financial trouble. Will any gem therapy could help me?
Which is my lucky Gem to wear? I like to wear one. Please advice.
I am facing serious health issues for the past 5 years. Can any Gem help me for speedy recovery?
Please suggest me suitable Gem for my financial growth.
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  Gemstone Suggestion

Gemstones are considered powerful objects in Astrology. They hold hidden reserves of energy which can alter the course of your destiny. Gemstones can ward off negative influence of malefic planets and boost the positive effects of benefic planets, thus help you to fill your life with success and happiness. Here you are offered a wide range of gemstones – the primary gemstones as well as the semi-precious ones You can buy them to fix a variety of problems like lack of opportunities, shortage of wealth and fortune, or simply to ensure all-round well-being and a surge of positivity in your life.

Get expert Guidance:

For your service and satisfaction, we have on panel the most esteemed and experienced astrologers. With their guidance and suggestion, you will be satisfied and contented with our services and we are sure you will recommend us to your circle of family and friends.

USD 15 / 500 INR
Why should I opt for this report?
It will guide you with a detailed analysis of which Gem is best for you and why.
As stated above, it is paramount that you wear the gemstone that is most suitable for you as per your Personal Horoscope. We will help you to choose the right kind of gemstone.
Based on a detailed analysis of your Birth Chart, this report suggests you particular fields/areas where your chances of being successful increase manifold, since they are aligned to your natural/inherent/inborn talents.
It will analyze with Vedic system to give you the best output.
How is your guidance helpful?
You can take smart calculated decisions.
The solutions to your confusions and problems will ease the difficulties that you are facing and will guide you to a correct path.
Your horoscope will be read thoroughly by our expert astrologers and you will get the best opinion based on more than 10 years of professional experience.
You will understand your horoscope in a better way in terms of suitability of Gem stones.
Frequently asked Questions

Is this report accurate?

Rest assured that your horoscope will be read by an astrologer who has over 10 to 15 years of expertise so there is no point in thinking that the report will give you wrong suggestions. This is not a software generated report but done manually by our expert astrologers.

Can I have a better life and future?

Definitely you will have a better understanding about your coming time and will be armed with the knowledge of all the remedies you will require so you will be able to cope up with the coming time easily and with a smile. Whatever destiny has in store for you, our astrologer will tell you how to mitigate it so there is no need to worry.

Will my details be confidential?

Rest assured that we strongly believe in keeping things to us only and not spreading it like many others do. Your every detail will be confidential and we can guarantee that to you.

Selection of suitable Gem is a great task which has to be done by detailed study on the chart. Recommending the Gem of the planet who is running the unfavorable Dasa Bukthi or according to the Moon sign is wrong. The Gem has to be selected either to reduce the malefic effect of a malefic planet by counteracting or to enhance the beneficial energy of the favorable planet.

A suitable gem which can be useful for the general prosperity as a lucky gem can also be recommended after a thorough study. A beneficial planet in the chart which is afflicted by some other malefic planets can be strengthened by wearing the Gem of that planet provided that planet is not connected to any unfavorable significations. After the selection of suitable Gem, original and flawless Gem has to be procured. I can get you lab tested Gem from authentic source for you.

Proper procedure to wear the Gem has to be followed which includes the correct metal, hand, finger, the period and also pooja before wearing.
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