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Online Astrology Classes India at FISTP & get the sight that will enable you to behold the future.
Fistp.com offers live online Vedic Astrology classes to suit the requirements of the learner, be him/her a beginner or a professional. Fistp.com online programs are designed to train the students who wish to learn or improve their knowledge in vedic astrology.

What are the speacialities of fistp.com learning Vedic Education ?
Live online classes
Learn in the privacy of home
Select class timing as you wish
Course designed by experts
Qualified, experienced tutors
Simple, systematic lessons
Adequate study materials
Can I learn astrology easily? I have not confident that I canlearn it easily.
The proper tricks and techniques are important. One can learn astrology, if he follow the steps in a system. Tricks and techniques are more important. We teach step by step, which helps student for learning. There are simple rules, if you can use it in a proper and systematic way, than it is very easy.
Is certificate important after completing a course?
In Vedic Education, certificate is not important. You can start your own profession after learning. Certificate is important in acedemic education ie Doctors, Layers, Advocate, C.A, C.S. etc.
Is online classes beneficial to students ?
Online coaching is widely accepted in many parts of the world since students get access to live classes and can learn from the comfort of their homes. Also, the time flexibility offered by online coaching is immensely beneficial. Since students are getting more access to personal computers, online coaching is gaining lots of users in India also.
What are the benefits of joining fistp.com Tutor?
1. Accessible Any Time, Anywhere-As required, it's a Class room on your computer.
           - No Time constraints, accessible across all time zones
           - No Location constraints, accessible across all cities.

2. Cost effective and affordable.
           - Choice of group or individual sessions.

3. Access to a varied pool of best experienced teachers.

4. Option for the Parents to monitor and observe the online sessions from any location.

5. Online tutorials are recorded for future reference.
           - Option to re-play it as and when required.

6. No need to go anywhere so you save time on travelling, energy, money and and its environment friendly too.

What are the system requirements to attend the classes ?
You need to have a PC/Laptop and headset with a broadband internet connection with minimum speed of 512 kbps.
I am practising as Astrologer. Now I want to teach Astrology. Where can I teach Astrology?
With your profile of experience in the feild of Astrology, kindly contact our management. The management will arrange interview schedule. If he is satisfied with your knoweldge he will absorb you.
I want to get asociated with world of occult science. Which course should I opt for?
There are many options in this feild. example Astrology, Vastu, Numerlogy etc. Our center deals with only Astrological sciences. Though Occult sciencces deals in many consealed sciences also. You should have overview of all the topics under this vast head, which will give you and idea of through which you can get associated in this field.
What is the scope for learning Astrlogy?
The scope of astrology is very great. Now a days, this profession gets a very height. One can make celebrity profession. One can pactise this science and earn his living if done at huge level.
Which course is best Astrology, Vastu, Palmistry or Numerlogy?
All courses are good, need detail knowledge for all courses. All are masters in their own feild. Astrology helps human to predict their future with the calculation of stars and planets. Vastu deals with the dwelling places from where an Individual is involved. Palmistry shows what you have brought as fate and how much one can change with his will-powers and determinations, through the lines which keeps on changing. Numerlology is the science of numbers. It is depend upon the individuals interests. So it depends on you which course you will like the most. In all lines, Astrology is best and famous world wide
Is certificate important after completing a course?

In Vedic Education, certificate is not important. You can start your own profession after learning. Certificate is important in acedemic education ie Doctors, Layers, Advocate, C.A, C.S. etc.

We does not provide any certificate.

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