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Progeny Report - Child Birth Problem

Are you looking to conceive? Are you raising a family now? Are you curious about your prospects? Astrology provides invaluable assistance to help you raise healthy, happy and socially well-adjusted children.

Jupiter gives the ability to experience increase in family with children (whether through birth or adoption).

Have an astrologer examine your 5th House of children and creativity as well as the placement of planet Jupiter. Your astrologer can prescribe appropriate remedies so that concerns about conception or the pregnancy period can be addressed for peace of mind.

For those already raising a family, Vedic astrology also provides you insights on how to encourage, discipline, educate and be watchful of your growing child.

A very simple remedy is for a parent or guardian to daily burn the birthstar (Nakshatra) incense that matches the birthstar of your child.

Reports :
When will I get a baby?
When will my wife deliver a baby? Will it be normal or caesarian?
It is about 3 years since we got married, but so far no trace of positive signal for progeny. Will we get a baby? If so when?
Can we adopt a baby? Am I pregnant?
We just got married. We are planning to postpone the child birth for about 3-4 years. Will the following periods be supportive for progeny? Please guide.
We were undergone all sorts of medical treatments for the past 5 years. But no success so far. Will we ever get a baby ? Please guide astrologically
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  Know Your Chance of Progeny

It is essential to identify and analyze the houses and planets that govern progeny to understand your karma to conceive and initiate remedies for better progress. The 5th House of your Birth Chart identifies the strength and afflictions and determines the prospects for parenthood. The planet Jupiter and the Lord of your 5th House primarily indicated issues related to progeny. With the complete analysis of the planetary positions, your progeny report will pinpoint details of your parenthood possibilities. It also suggests to you powerful Vedic remedies to clear complications in the conception and deliver process. It’s time to wipe away your worries with the insight, astrology can provide into your parenting possibility! Note: Please allow minimum 7 working days for delivery of the report.

You may be longing for the joy of a cradle in your home and could have passed through many disparaging ways to fulfill that great desire. But, if you are still not satisfied, you can obtain the divine help of Vedic Astrology, which may bring hope and fulfillment of becoming a parent.

USD 15 / 500 INR
Why should I opt for this report?
You will get a chance to look at your particular problem with an astrological perspective
We will analyse your and your partner’s horoscopes to tell you what are the obstacles in your inability to conceive, and suggest appropriate remedies
This forecast will tell you about the most favourable time spans for conception, thus increasing your chances of becoming a happy parent.
You will get call from us for a telephonic session. Or you can call at 9899842558, to book a telephonic session.
How is your guidance helpful?
The detailed analysis you get for the question asked will help you see reality clearly
Also, the report will tell you whether you should seek medical treatment for the conception issue, or should you go in for some other remedy
You will be able to address your concerns about conception or your pregnancy period or even adoption, if the need be
Remedies suggested shall help you get rid of the negative planetary aspects, if any, and try for conception during the most favourable time-periods
You must know the following:

It is important to know the destiny of progeny in both of your charts. If both are having the negating destiny, no treatment nor any remedial measures could help.

If both are having both favorable and unfavorable significations, the supportive periods have to be found and treatment has to be started during that period and the conception would happen in the favorable period. We have to hit the rod when it is really hot.!

.If both are having favorable destiny, only the running periods are not supportive, the favorable periods have to be found and patience must be maintained till that period. You will get baby during the favorable Dasa Bukthi. For accurate reading the placement of Planets in Dasha Bhukti Antra wrt following. Houses are carefully examined :

2nd House - Prime House of Family .
5th House - It is the Prime House of Children.
11th House - It signifies gain of children and fulfillment of desires..
9th House - It signifies the luck and destiny of native.
Therefore, by studying the planetary positions, planetary aspects and their influences in one’s horoscope, different, the nature, timing and events of your life prospects can be predicted.
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