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Career Astrology

In the modern age, business and career are very important topics for survival, comfort and personal fulfillment. Many factors in your chart shed light on your unique configuration for business and career.

For career, you are influenced by Saturn’s placement in your chart for your work ethic and ability to perform quality service as well as insights into karmic blockages that may be holding you back.

Jupiter indicates your potential for wealth and about your ability to receive and benefit from constructive advice. Jupiter’s location may reveal troublesome karma from past lives when you did not respect instructions from more evolved mentors or in which you may have abused wealth.

Mercury reveals your natural energies for commercial success, your talents for buying or selling in the marketplace (including offering your services to others), your gifts with communication, numbers, marketing and managing details.

Your career astrology report will cover each and every major aspect of your career. Our astrologer will analyze and tell you what is about to come and how to make the most of it, if it is good and how to negate the bad effects if the future of your career is looking bleak.

Remedies are ways to activate past life merit that may be ripe for you to receive at this time. Remedies also give a way to take responsibility to clean up any mess you have made in the past with mishandling money.

Career astrology report will comprise of:
What is the best method of making a living - job, self employment as a professional or running an enterprise, employing others.
Timing of significance in life for career success or pitfalls.
Should you change your job now or later ? Shoud you switch to businees from job?
Areas suitable for success in work / least amount of resistance (We give a list of areas/ industries suitable for you)
Get detailed advice along with the answer to overcome your obstacles.
What kind of product / category is suitable : art & culture, banking & investment, chemical engineering & architecture, luxury items, entertainment, metal / mining, farming, real estate, research , science & technology etc.
USD 15 / 500 INR
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  Career Report

Your sincere hard-work not getting you enough rewards? Why? We will tell you, and help you find a definite solution. So, you get the success you deserve!

Feeling restricted and suffocated in your career? Or, is your business bringing you plenty of stress? Ask us! Our astrologers will carry out a micro-analysis of your Personal Horoscope to bring you practical and - relevant solutions that will help you solve your problems.

Your personal Career astrology horoscope report will be your best companion on which you can trust and act as per the instructions of our expert astrologers.

You can make decisions like when to switch the company, should you do it or not etc.

You can ask specific questions related to career growth in this report which our expert astrologers will answer after keen analysis.

Can I have a better life and future?
Definitely, you will have a better understanding about your coming time and will be armed with the knowledge of all the remedies you will require so you will be able to cope up with the coming time easily and with a smile.

Whatever destiny has in store for you, our astrologer will tell you how to mitigate it so there is no need to worry.

Will my details be confidential?
Rest assured that we strongly believe in keeping things to us only and not spreading it like many others do. Your every detail will be confidential and we can guarantee that to you.

Our astrologer will analyze the complete natal chart and role of benefic and malefic planets in your personal life and give his opinion and remedies to you.

USD 15 / 500 INR
Why should I opt for this report?
To know what suits you best, regarding your problem.
This information will increase your chances of success/happiness, as we direct you to the sector/s best suited for you, on the basis of your Horoscope.
Based on a detailed analysis of your Birth Chart, this report suggests you particular fields/areas where your chances of being successful increase manifold, since they are aligned to your natural/inherent/inborn talents.
Better decisions result in faster Career progress making you happy and satisfied.
How is your guidance helpful?
You can take smart calculated decisions
The solutions to your confusions and problems will ease the difficulties that you are facing and will guide you to a correct path.
By predicting your future, you can avoid making blunders and can play smart with your career.
You can utilise the suggested remedial solutions to make your life happy
How Career Transit Report is prepared?
Career Astrology involves mapping of transiting or the moving planets through the zodiac with respect to your Moon Sign (the zodiac where Moon was placed at the time of your birth) & the rising sign and other planets at the time of your birth. Our qualified & experienced Vedic astrologers read your birth chart to interpret the upcoming trends in career for the next 3, 6 and 12 months when you should look out for the new job, make those moves within the existing career and ask for a raise. The favorable placements of the transiting planets particularly Jupiter & Saturn and the 10th house are studied to arrive at the periods when the chances of good results are greatly enhanced.

As the saying goes: “Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus”, these two planets and their positions in the natal chart contribute majorly to a blissful relationship. The benefic positions of Venus and Mars increase the chances of a successful and committed wedded life. These relationship planets can bring about a timely and joyful marriage in one’s life. However, if Venus and Mars are weak in a chart or receive troublesome influences from other planets, they can wreak havoc by triggering energies that destroy relationships or give ongoing marriage troubles.

There’s much comfort in ensuring the ‘right’ time for something as important as a Career Move. This gives you not just the confidence that your wishes will be granted like asking for a raise or promotion and finding a new job when planets are showering their blessings on you but also you will be able to sail through any difficult phase by keeping a low profile at work when the time is not particularly by your side. Your Career Transit report can thus, act as a reference guide throughout that period.

Time period when there would be maximum growth potential in your job or business
Time period when controversy should be avoided
Any likely problems from superiors, subordinates, people in power, clients or competition.
Time of promotion if covered in the transit period. Timings of finding a new job or starting a major project in business.
Therefore, by studying the planetary positions, planetary aspects and their influences in one’s horoscope, different, the nature, timing and events of your career prospects can be predicted.

Career astrology also answers several questions about career/business like: When will I get job/promotion/change etc.? Will I be rich or not? How successful will my career life be? What are the chances of most successful time? And so on.

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