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Astrology Remedies for Life Problems
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Basic Level Course


Concept about astrology and exlainations about the art of predictions.


The Zodiac Signs -

Characteristics of signs, their nature, elements, even and odd signs, Male, Female, Dwipad, Chatushpad, Keet, fixed, moveable and mixed signs, earthy, airy, fiery and watery signs, shirshoday, prishthodaya and ubhayodaya signs. Important characteristics associated with each Zodiac sign like element, symbol etc.

Concept of Divisional Charts - Lagna, Hora, Dreshkan, Chaturthamsha, Saptamsha, Navamsha, Dashmamsha, Dwadashmsha, Sodshamsha, Vimshamsha, Chaturvimshamsha, Saptvimshamsha, Trishamsha, Khavedamsha, Akshvedamsha, Shastiamsha.


The Houses -

The 12 houses, their significators, Kendras, Trikonas, Trik, Trishday, Apachay, Upchay. The classification of house. The relationships of houses, Zodiac Signs and Planets.

Result of 12 Houses of Horoscope and Analysis of Yogas. Question of natives of various ages and prediction technique. Analysis of health, finance, education, profession, children, marriage. Kaalsarpa dosh and remedies. Analysis and use of Divisional charts.


The Planets -

All about the planets, their nature, types, characteristics. Concept of Exalted, Debiliated, Own Sign, Mool Trikona


The Components and styles of Horoscopes -

The all three styels of horoscop ie, North, East and South Indian styles. The compositions and relationship between Houses, Planetns and zodiac Signs.


The 27 Nakshatras - Constellation -

Constellation, Importance of constellation in Vedic Astrology, Categorization of Constellations, Mythological story related to constellation, Symbol, ruler, deity and alphabets related to each constellation.


Movement and speed of planets. States & avasthas of planets -

Transists, Planetary degrees, State of planets (Avastha - bala, kumara, yuva, vridha and mrita )


Predictive technique about type of planets -

Special status of planets according to their position as exaltation, debilitation, combust, Mool Trikona, Retrograde, Combust and rules to analyse their relationships.


Aspects and Friendship of Planets -

Friendly and inimic relation between planets, Mythological reference behind the relations, Panchadha Maitri Chakra, Temporary friendship, Fivefold friendship, Concept of Aspect of Planets, Special rules regarding aspect, Impact of aspect of planets, Aspect in special reference to Jupiter, Saturn and Mars, Special rules of aspect regarding Rahu and Ketu.

Advance Level

Manglik Dosha -

Effect of manglik doshas, marriage and match making, disease, origion of manglik dosha - from Moon, venus and lagna, cancellations, manglik dosha and five houses, problem with manglik and non manglik couples, Gem stones and remedies for manglik dosha. Importance of manglik dosha in match maiking.

Sade Sati -

Effect of sade sati, all three phases of sade sati, identify problem in sade sati - health, death, finance, marriage, career, loan, loss, job/business etc. Laghu dahya and astaam shani dhayya and effects.


Strength of a Planets -

Shadbala Six fold Strength : Positional, Directional, Kaal, Motional and Natural Strengths of Planets, Calculation of sixfold Strengths on the basis of Directional Strength, Strength of a House. Awasthasa - Jagriti, Mudita, Sawpan, udita etc.


The Dasa System - Timing of Event

Fixing Timing of event on the basis of Mahadasha and Antardasha.

Understanding Dasha System, Categorization of the Dasha, Basis of Calculation of Dasha, Results of Dasha, Results of Dasha on the basis of Ascendant.

Vimshottari dasa calculation and its results. To find birth time by determining dasha on the basis of events. , prediction technique, prediction and timing of event using dasa and transit for health, education, marriage, children, finance or profession, to rectify time of birth using past events.


Art of Predictions -

PAC formula to analyze a horoscope. Working on a horoscope. Importance of psychology in the analysis of the horoscope. The TOP, PAC, DARE and PAC formulas, tricks and techniques for predicting a horoscope


Important Yoga's -

Combinations formed by Sun and Moon Sunafa, Anafa,Durudhara, Kemdrum, Vasi, Vesi, Ubhayachari, Budhaditya yog, Gajkesari, Chandra, Mangal, Amala yog, Panchmahapurush yogas Ruchak, Bhadra, Hans, Malavya, Sas , Wealth and Rajyogas By lords of Kendras and Trikonas.Relationship between the planets.
Strength of Relations.

Importance of Quadrangles and Trines in Yoga.
Role of Rahu – Ketu in Yoga formation.
Raj Yogas and Vepreet Rahj Yogas.
Cancellation of Debilitation.


Marriage and Love Affairs - Timing of marriage, love or arrange, marriage life, nature of spouse, un happy marriage life, sex life, love life, children

Houses, Planets, Combination & Timing of Marriage, Love affairs & Sexual relationships, Special yogas and combinations of good and weak marriage life, C Love Marriage & premarital affair, Marriage in known circle, Dowry, Divorce - Houses, Planets, Combinations & Timing of divorce, Transits, Special combinations, Marriage proposals & breaking of engagements, Manglik dosha, No marriage, Multiple love and affairs, Transit

Match making -

General, Horoscope matching, Ashtakoot matching Varna, Vashya, Tara, Yoni, Grih maitri, Gana, Bhakoot and Nadi, Mangal dosh and remedies, Mangal vichar by lagna, Moon and Shukra. Comparative analysis of the horoscopes of boy and girl.Effect of cruel planets on matching, Determination of Health, Wealth, Children, Age, Bliss etc.


Health Astrology -

Timings and yogas of health issue, nature of illness and remedies.
House & Body parts, Planets, Houses, Combinations, Timing of disease, Transits, Type of diseases, Accidents & Accidental deaths. Transits.


Money and Finance -

Financial condition, good time for money,  losses, debt and gain with timings. Yoga & timing of huge money & bank balance


Career Prospects -

Job/profession/business, multiple income, nature of work/business/profession, timing of expension and remedies.

Combinations, Houses, Planets, Weak and good yogas in career, Dasa system and Timing for growth, Change in job/business & Timing the change of job, Nature of next job/business & vice versa, Break in career, Suspension, Promotions, Transfer, Type of Career, Re location in job, Foreign sattlement through job, Transits.


Education Prospects -

How to predict a basic, higher and foreign education. Yogas of doctors, CA, MBAs etc.

Combination of No Education, No inclination for Education, Foreign Education, Scholarships, Success in Competition Exams & Interviews, Field of Education, Prizes or Awards. Transits.


Progeny Prospects -

Houses, Planet, Combinations, Timing the birth of child, No child, Miscarriages, Abortion, Special cases, Remedies, Gand Mool Nakshatra. Transits.


Foreign Travel -

Houses, Combinations, Timing , Condition & place of Visit, Settling Abroad, Coming back to the Motherland, Combination & Timing of return, Purpose of Travel, General, Transits.


Investment, Properties, Vehicle and parental Properties -

Right time of investment, nature of right  investment ie stock market, commodities, properties, Parental properties.

Purchase of Property/Vehicle , Purchase through Loan, Purchase in Installments, Location & Status of property, Commercial property, Construction of property, Rental income, Loss of property, Partition of property, Sale of property, Change of residence. Gift of Vehicle. Transits.

Remedies -

Remedies for malefic effects of planets, Importance of Stones-precious and semi precious, Importance of Yantras and Mantras, Worship of Planets..

Professional Level
  Varga charts or divisional charts
  Prashana shastra.
  Advanced steps of dasa, transits, yogas, strength, transits based on varga charts.
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