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Everything You need to know about Retrograde Planets in Vedic Astrology - Saral Jyotish Upay
Retrograde planets in Vedic Astrology, which is also known as Vakri grha in Jyotish, and its effect is a subject to diversity of opinion. But I will try to give a basic idea about it. Before understanding effects of retrograde planets in birth chart we should understand the movements of the planets. According to accepted principles of Vedic Astrology, the Sun and the Moon are always in direct motion (that is, they never move backwards) and Rahu and Ketu are aiways retrograde (that is, they always move backwards). However, the five planets, namely, Mars, Mercury, jupiter, Venus and Saturn have both direct and seemingly retrograde motion.

What is retrograde motion of Planets

In Vedic Astrology all calculations are done taking earth as the reference point.In our solar system, the planets are orbiting around the Sun with varying speeds. The earth is also doing likewise. So if in a certain time they come in a position at the orbit that they appear to be going backward from earth and that is what retrogression or retrograde motion of planets and that particular planet in that particular time is called retrograde planet in Vedic Astrology or sometimes also called as Vakri Graha in Jyotish.

retrograde PlanetsThis can be explained by the example of two trains moving in the same direction on parallel rails. If the speed of one is less than the other, then to the passengers of the faster train the slower train would appear to be moving in the reverse direction.In this relation it must always be kept in mind that in Astrology, what we see is more important and acceptable than the factual position and the effects of the planets should be judged accordingly by using logic.

For example,according to scientists he Sun is a star like other stars in the sky and does not rotate like the Earth and other planets. Yet we on the earth see the Sun rising in the East and setting in the West. Therefore in Astrology we accept the Sun as a planet rotating like other planets.

How to Find Retrograde Planets in Vedic Astrology

In birth chart or Horoscope Retrograde planets are mentioned by Rx or simply by R sign. In some charts it is also mentioned with a () sign also. for example Retrograde saturn will be indicated as Sat(R) or Sat(Rx). so simply looking at the chart you can know which planets are in retrograde motion and which are in direct.

Now Let us Understand the retrograde planets in Vedic astrology and effects in different houses.

Retrograde Planets are one of the most difficult parameter to judge in a Horoscope. They often give unexpected results both good and bad. Most of astrologers are of the opinion that a planets in retrograde motion produces at least subtle different effect. In retrograde motion of planets, they are more close to earth. So their effect is felt more. During the Dasa of retrograde planets it will be difficult to differentiate the results or events but the native who is under the Dasha of retrograde planets will react to the events differently in comparison to the person who is having dasa of same planet but in direct motion. In my small experience i have seen that though the result of Dasa may not be of much difference but the karakatwa or significations of the retrograde planets in Vedic astrology suffers a lot. The energy of a planet is not allowed to flow normally and the house occupied by the retrograde planets does not function at its best.

Karma and Retrograde Planets in Vedic Astrology

Retrograde planets, which are often known as Vakri Graha, generally bring some amount of unfulfilled desire from the past life. We need to learn the karmic Lessons attached with that planet in this life.We have some unfulfilled work related to the significations of the Vakri Graha of our chart which we need to fulfill in this birth and in course we need to learn some karmic lesson out of it. If the Atmakarka Planet is a Vakri Graha in horoscope then we have to understand that the unfulfilled desire is very intense and from several past life.

Lets see the result of Each retrograde planets in Vedic Astrology

Mercury Retrograde: When Mercury is retrograde or a Vakri Graha in birth chart, thinking process is reverse. Direct Mercury likes sequential processing of information where as retrograde mercury will do non-sequential intuitive processing. so it will affect the signification of Mercury like intelligence, communication skill etc. Mercury is the significator of Communication, Logic, grasping ability, intelligence etc in Vedic Astrology. So when Mercury is Vakri in chart it shows that some sort of karmic lesson regarding communication needs to be understand in this life. Retrograde Mercury in Vedic Astrology denotes that the persons thought, communication skill or thinking process was impractical and impulsive in past life. This created lots of confusion and chaotic situation.The native will find that the manner in which he communicates to others is not proper and he has tendency taking impractical approach to life .This is actually being repeated from the past lifetime.So in this life, you need to learn communication skill and need to be logical in your thinking. With retrograde mercury, person tries to become too perfect and hence may become frustrated.Very few can reach perfection. There can also be a tendency to judge others in comparison to himself which may bring disappointment also. Individuals with Vakri Mercury should try public speaking and group discussion as much as possible.

With retrograde mercury in chart it is also possible that, you were a writer in your past life. You may have some writing ability in this life also. It is very important for these persons to conduct himself for the right manner in the right direction.They will not seem to be very logical in their thinking. A person with mercury retrograde will lack the intellectual communication skill which direct mercury gives.

Famous astrologer Susan Miller advice to avoid mercury retrograde phase in transit for any kind of endeavors and says that “Don’t make any important moves when Mercury is retrograde. Nothing will be settled successfully for the future during these periods anyway – you will find it nearly impossible to nail down a plan. During a retrograde period, it is hard to get decisions from others. Even if a decision is made, it will be subject to change, either just after Mercury turns to direct motion or much later.Mercury retrograde periods would not be good times to do anything involving communications.”

Mars Retrograde: Mars is the Planet of War. It signifies anger, courage, aggression etc in Vedic astrology. Mars is the planet of Action. He is the warrior or commander. With Retrograde Mars in birth chart the person will be reluctant to take action.He will wait for the last minute or wait for the situation to become more critical before he takes any action. He will not do it consciously always but mars retrograde need fire under his belt for taking any action. A native with retrograde mars will move one step then he will stop and again he will gather courage. He restart and gives the final blow and win the conquest. Retrograde Mars in vedic astrology often denotes that perhaps in your last birth you were a soldier or military and you did something regretful under pressure of your superior. For that anguish and guilt feeling you were not being able to deal with your anger. Sometime you will not be able to understand from where this anger is coming but the outburst will be in an inappropriate way.

As you have misused the power or the energy in your past life, you need to learn to deal with it in this life. The energy of Mars is usually directed into either positive, direct, aggressive action in life, or into the areas of sexual gratification, temper, or violence. The location of the retrograde Mars or Vakri Mars, according to house position and sign, would differentiate what what qualities will be delivered. Often, house position and sign involvement tend to stress certain qualities of a planet more than others.Negative character traits of retrograde Mars could include an animalistic nature, an over-sensual character, a rash, impulsive, violent temper. Negative Mars, retrograde or direct, brings an offensive nature to the native of the chart, who would also be prone to accidents.

As Mars is the Karaka for Sex. When Mars goes Vakri in transit, it can complicate the sexual life too. You should be careful and avoid all sort conflicts during the phase when mars in retrograde in vedic astrology because anger may out burst in a uncontrollable manner. Mars retrograde occurs once every two years and lasts about two and a half months. During the period of vakri mangal in jyotish, the overall atmosphere changes, people have lower physical energy, they get tired and feel stressed more easily and they need more time to relax and recover.The mood, the desires, the initiative, the ambition, they all seem to function on a lower level.

Jupiter Retrograde: Jupiter is the planet of wisdom, expansion, wealth etc. If the Jupiter is retrograde in chart we can assume that in your past life you have not been able to achieve self development. You remained the same person throughout the entire life. So in this life you need to use your free will and need to be more active. for achieving success in life. You have to learn this lesson. You can not remain as a slave in the hand of fate anymore.It is also possible that you might have been troubled for your religious or spiritual beliefs. So you are afraid of guiding some one in this life. You do not want to be blamed for any consequences. you have become skeptical. If Jupiter’s retrograde is in your chart, you are likely to be the type of person who is always searching for ethics and values. You constantly seek truth and deeper meaning in life. Ritual becomes very important to you. You suffer from feeling the lack of spiritual fulfillment.You strive to find the right spiritual balance.

Retrograde Jupiter some time also mean that the native was probably a drunkard in his past life, a very biased and prejudiced person.This tendency come in this life too. This would be inner trait and the character which would drive the native.

Often person with a retrograde Jupiter is useful to revive any failed project. But this can lead problem in relationship. Because these persons always looks for something better beyond what they are having in current partnership. A problem with Jupiter retrograde people is that sometime they fail to respond to the new opportunities timely. Too much Lazyness or optimism may lead to miss obvious benefits. Retrograde Jupiter natal chart gives delay in marriage if it is connected with marriage house.

Venus Retrograde: Venus is the planet of luxury, comfort, beauty, spirit of joy, romance etc. Venus retrograde in birth chart denotes that in past life you may have misbehaved with your spouse. You were not loyal. You had not tried to understand the value of relationship. So in this life you have to focus in these areas. You are destined to learn lessons regarding Love and relationship. For this reason you may have to face some broken relation ship also. With retrograde Venus in birth chart, you should be very clear about what you want from your relationship and what you are giving back to your partner. you may choose unusual alliances. Venus retrograde will find it hard to express his love well. With Venus retrograde, it indicates unusual interest in Love or affairs. Often they are found to be either celibates or the reverse -sexual celebrants. They can swing between opposites. Socially they don’t fit into the mainstream. Their expectation from Love is such a high that no body can meet it and so often they have the feeling of not being Loved. Venus retrograde people do not get a good married life often.

When Venus goes retrograde in transit, you should give more time to your partner. You should try to understand your partner better. Unnecessary problem may arise during Venus retrograde phase in cosmos. So you should be more caring about your partner. Venus is also signifies vehicle. So please take are of your Vehicle during Retrograde Venus period. When it becomes Vakri we understand the real worth or value of people and things in our life. In the retrograde Venus period, feelings are not easily expressed. The general advise is to focus on older relationships, to try to make them work.We may meet old friends or someone we loved or cared for a long time ago, which might reactivate old feelings, possibly forgotten.

Saturn Retrograde:Retrograde Saturn in a chart represents the neglect of responsibilities in the past or previous life. The native comes into the current life, with a tendency to carry forward the same goals that he had left unfinished in the previous life. The responsibilities ignored or avoided in the past are the clear indicators with the quality of Sign in which the Saturn is posited in retrogression in the current life.Saturn in retrogression in the Sign Leo shows that the native avoided responsibility of leadership. Hi might have ignored duties towards some fatherly figure.Had it been Sign Cancer, the feeling and those related to mind would have been ignored by the native. It is also possible that he had ignored duties towards mother or motherly figure.

It can also indicate that you were immensely impatient in your last birth. In this life you need to understand the value of patience, responsibility and hard work. Saturn retrograde can make them either workaholic or they will not work at all. They will try to cross the boundaries and limitations. Their hunger for desire, materialistic prosperity is very difficult to appease.

With Saturn retrograde it inspires a person to overcome the limitation or crossing the boundaries. Often people with Saturn retrograde becomes more self isolating, monastic etc. They feel like they are alone, no one understand them. So some time they may feel inferiority complex also. Saturn forces repetition until karmic lessons are understood and vakri Saturn enforces repetition.

Among all the Retrograde planets, Saturn transit is most important. In the retrograde Saturn Period one should not start expansion of business or starting new venture. We should be careful in regards to signing of agreement. Some people find themselves relieved when saturn become retrograde and starts new ventures with full zeal but it becomes wilder ed when Saturn becomes direct as their plan do not materializes. During Saturn Retrograde 2017, it will go from Saggitarius sign to Scorpio again. So the Makar rashi owner will get some relief from Sade sati.

Now Lets Understand what happens when Retrograde planets in vedic astrology occupy Upachaya houses 3rd, 6th 10th and 11th is called the Upachaya house. These houses are growth making house. They are very helpful for materilistic gain They are part of Artha trikona and Kama Trikona. Malefic planets like Mars saturn does very well in these houses. But what happens when retrograde planets occupy them ? It is better to have a malefic retrograde planet rather than forward moving malefic. we need to understand that a malefic planet wherever they sit, they will do some harm to the native regarding that house. If saturn is posited in 3rd house, it will do some harm related to the younger sibling. But if the saturn is vakri, it will do much less harm to the sibling. Saturn as a retrograde planet does very well because saturn energy is to create delay and frustration but when it is vakri it creates much less delay. Retrograde saturn in 10th house is a blessing.

Some important information about Retrograde Planets in vedic astrology

Famous Astrologer James Braha while discussing about retrograde planets told that, the malefics Mars and Saturn when retrograde give generally good results to the house they occupy. The benefics Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury, when in reverse motion are weakened and less capable of producing benefits but are still positive forces. Most Importantly any house ruled by a retrograde planets in vedic astrology is greatly weakened or spoiled. Perhaps the most important factor worth mentioning is the effect retrograde planets have on the house they rule. It weakens the attribution of the houses it rules. For example if the Lord of the Ascendant is Retrograde, the person will lack self confidence or self esteem greatly.

Another principle that must be borne in mind is that the retrograde planets in vedic astrology is supposed to exert its influence from its preceding house also.

House Placement of retrogrdae planets in Vedic astrology

House Placement of Retrograde planets in Vedic astrology is also very important. Imagine a planet in the 9th house. This is one of the best placement. Now, if it is retrograde, it will be giving the result of 8th house also. This is one of the worst placements for a planet. Thus, a planet which was the bhagya-vidhata, now becomes the mrityu-data; the planet that was to determine the ‘extent of luck’ now has to determine the ‘mode of death’. Take another example, that of a retrograde benefic in the 5th house. It will exert influence from the 4th house also, thus covering a Kendra and a trikona both. It will also influence the houses that this planet aspects from both these positions. Thus, the influence of such a planet, particularly, if it is Jupiter, can change the total complexion of the chart. Take another example, this time of a retrograde malefic involved in causing a Paap-kartari yoga. Suppose, there is a malefic in the 12th house and a retrograde malefic in the 2nd house. Together they would breathe down the neck of the 1st house and suffocate it!

Our experience points out that the result of a retrograde planets in vedic astrology are contrary to expectations, they are erratic, inconsistent and unpredictable.

I hope i have been able to give you all some information about Retrograde planets.I welcome your feedback regarding the post.If you Like my Post please share it so that it can reach more people.

If you have query regarding retrograde planets, please let me know with a comment. But please understand nothing works in isolation in astrology. For knowing exact result of the retrograde Planets complete birth chart needs to be checked. If you want me to check your birth chart.
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