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Result of Rahu in 7th house in Horoscope - Saral Jyotish Upay
Rahu this Name has lot of confusion and fear associated with it. This is perhaps one of the most dreaded and misunderstood planet after Saturn. I will try to give you some important hints and information about the result of Rahu in 7th house of any Horoscope. But we must remember that the result and its magnitude varies with lot of other thing Like aspect, Conjunction and Nakshatra. Here I will give an overall and general information about the result of 7th house Rahu from Lagna.

The Signification of 7th House

Before proceeding any further we must know what are the Significance of 7th house. It is right opposite to the Lagna. So as Lagna represent our self, 7th house represent our opposite partner. SO it Becomes the house of Marriage and Partner. It gives us information about Quality of our Marriage, Nature and Character of Our Marriage Partner, in case of Legal matters 7th house represents the opposite party, Being the 10th house from 10th, it is the secondary house of Profession, it indicates Business, Business partner, Foreign Travel etc. It is one of the Kendra house of Birth Chart. Kendra houses are known as the Piller of any chart. There are 4 Kendra houses in Horoscope-1st house or Lagna, 4th house, 7th house and 10th house. Any planet in 7th house will influence the Ascendant directly because every planet has aspect on the 7th sign from it. So when we see a Malefic Planet like Rahu in 7th house, it creates lot of tension and fear. But is it really anything to worry? We will discuss about it Now.

Rahu in 7th house

What is the influence of Rahu in 7th house?

Rahu in 7th House is presumed by many Astrologers of both ancient and modern age to be inauspicious to both men and women. The presence of Rahu in that house is detested by many Astrologers and they have offered several remedies to overcome all the hindrances caused by this particular position of this planet. But we must Remember that no Planet is good or Bad. It all depends upon the sign where it is placed, the houses it owns, the condition in other Divisional Chart etc. It is even more applicable because Rahu is a Chaya Graha. It doesn’t have its own House. Some consider that it Co-Rules the Aquarius with Saturn. So whichever Sign Rahu occupies, the owner of that Sign determines how Rahu will work. Rahu is the Significator of sudden gain, Foreign Country, out of the box idea, New innovation, Communication, stardom etc. Rahu amplifies the effect of the house or planets associated with it. In this Kaliyuga, the kind of Worldly affair Rahu can give, no other planet can ever provide. Most of the Politicians or Movie Actors are having a very strong influence of Rahu and Saturn. Rahu can give Massive and Sudden Name and fame to a person.

Brief details on the the characteristics and Attributes of Rahu Based on vedic philosophy, Rahu is a mysterious planet that is said to be cruel, influencer of hindrance, egoistic and arrogant nature of the native, and also the influencer of harsh or evil thinking. Rahu symbolises the element of Sky (Akash) and it has the infamous record of causing fear and anger on men and women. Rahu is a mysterious planet that usually deals with the unmanifested actions or mind related aspects of a person.

According to scriptures, Rahu is depicted as an entity with serpent head and without a body. It’s attributes further includes keeping secrets, curiosity and intolerance. People with strong Rahu would strive to understand mysticism and ways of achieving success quickly. Rahu is good for those who wants to make a career by becoming an investigator, researcher, computer expert, teacher, physiatrist, sales man, politician and many more. A person with strong Rahu can also make a good career out of Radio, Astrology and Medicines.

It would interesting to know that it is Rahu who is responsible to influence a person to get occupied with boat or painting, pleasure with multiple sex-partner, life in a cave and others. Being a significator of Akash element Rahu is also responsible for journey on the air, i.e via airplane and helicopter. Rahu like Saturn has separative tendencies hence breaks many houses and even business partnerships. It is responsible for marital or family tussle and many other conflicts that can cause a family to tear apart.

Rahu’s results always happens all of a sudden and no one can precisely predict a particular date. In human relations it, it renders it influence upon the in-laws and maternal sides. On the human body Rahu causes skin diseases, unwanted pregnancies and diseases of the nervous system, stammering, paralysis, cancer, food poisoning, attack of venomous snake, phobia related to height and sound, and many more.

What the effects of Rahu in 7th House from Lagna

The effects of Rahu in 7th House is discussed below with details.

Since the 7th house deals with business or money transactions, The businessman with Rahu in 7th house would also be driven by greed and thus take part in immoral way of making business. This might result in staining of reputation in corporate world and also increases the chances of bankruptcy

The 7th House stands for war, dominion and conflict, and as because Rahu has occupied this house, the person would beat around the bush and cannot face his or her opponent boldly. People with Rahul in 7th House lack the courage to face the opponent and often resort to unethical means to defeat the enemy, be it though words or actions.

Although the presence of Rahu in 7th House has ill-effects, certain good effects such as strong heart due to repeated confrontation with hindrances prevails and gives hope of better living.

Since the 7th House is also Maraka house, the presence of Rahu in that house is also not good for health. As Rahu is associated with secret or hidden matters, the possibility of diseases corresponding to sexual and skill often gets magnified. It has also been found that people with this position of Rahu suffers from diseases that is not revealed till it has become worse.

Individuals with Rahu in 7th House are known to suffer from diabetes and cardiac related diseases. Even people are known to have suffer from diseases of reproductive organs and nervous system.

The ill-effects of Rahu in 7th house varies from person to person and it also depends upon other factors of a person’s horoscope. The effects corresponding to diseases in private parts may not occur for a person with strong mars and people with Leo and taurus zodiac might overcome many of the hindrances produced by Rahu naturally.

Some of the disturbing and disgusting effect of Rahu in the 7th house is that the affected person would make use of the spouse or close ones to win favors, to get a professional job done or to earn money or gifts in kind. When Mars is in the 7th house with Rahu, the wife might perform actions that would kept secret from her husband and other family members as well. However, if Saturn is with Rahu in the house, the person would not hesitate in pressurizing the spouse to fulfill needs that can be both evil and good.

The person with Rahu in 7th House is often found to be lazy, short tempered, unwilling to adapt in stressful situations and often find difficulty in professional life. There are hindrances in education and health life. When there is Rahu in 7th House a person is known to face legal problems related to property and other matters. Solution to such problem will not come quickly as one would expect.

When Rahu is placed in 7th house, it will aspect the third house which is significator of Neighbors. So the relationship with neighbors may also suffer to a large extent.

We all know that 10th house is the House of Profession and Career. So as per Bhavat Bhavam principle, 7th house is 10th houses away from 10th house. So it becomes the secondary house of profession. When Rahu occupies this house, a person suffers from several mental stress and psychological problems and a person can also find difficulty in taking decisions. It can affect his Profession and Career.

Rahu in 7th house from Lagna. Effects of Rahu in 7th House Marriage

Seventh House is considered as the house related to Marriage and Married Life. Presence of Rahu in this house indicates that your may get Married to different Community or Faraway Place. Person with Rahu in 7th house can also become Very Possessive and obsessive about Partner.

Rahu in 7th house is detested by majority of the astrologers as it influences separation of spouses and conflict between family members. As Rahu increases or amplifies the strength of the house or planets it gets connected, it can make the person obsessed towards the partner. As it indicates different Caste or culture, it can also give inter caste Marriage. You can know about Nature and Character of Spouse from the planets of 7th house. As Rahu is a separative planet, it will try to create friction and conflict in the Marriage life. Marriage life is imbued with conflicts of interest when Rahu is in the 7th House. The person whose Rahu is such position is always suspicious about his or her spouse. Rahu in 7th house Navamsa is more dangerous. As Navamsa is the main divisional chart for marriage, you should know how to see Marriage and Quality of Married Life from Navamsa.The presence of Rahu in 7th house Navamsa is very detrimental for Happiness in Marriage. People with Afflicted Rahu in this house are reportedly more prone to engage themselves in post marital affair and marrying someone different from his or her community. People with such planetary position have larger affinity to commit adultery and infidelity if Rahu is afflicted. This position is more detrimental in female horoscope than male horoscope. If you are planning for Marriage, get the idea about your Marriage date and when you can get Married following our most Comprehensive Technique.

If Rahu in 7th House is found in a person’s horoscope then it must be noted that there would be problem in husband and wife’s conjugal life. One would always find flaws in his or her partner and would engage in prolong tussle. Rahu in 7th House also influences women to stain the image of their family by their actions. Furthermore, a woman may often find conflicts in relation with her lover and marriage life is also not good until the influence is reduced. Only an experienced and genuine Astrologer would have the skills to Reduce the effect of Rahu. The effect of 7th house Rahu will be more detrimental to Marriage when Saturn Occupies the 8th house of Horoscope.

Rahu in 7th House is also known to influence posthumous nature among young people. This causes enhanced interest in temporary relationship and lack of long term or permanent commitment to love life.

Some Good result when Rahu is Placed in 7th house

But is Rahu in 7th house always bad ? No it is not always bad. If Rahu is well placed and aspected by Benefic Planets Like Jupiter or Yogkaraka planet, it also delivers very good result. Remember Rahu in a Kendra house in conjunction with a Kona House ( Lagna, 5th and 9th) can give the result of Rajyoga. As Rahu amplifies the result or significations, when it is well placed in 7th house it can give a person Public Fame. It can make the person highly successful Businessman. As Rahu indicates Foreign Connection, it can take the person to Foreign Land for work or Business. The person can become highly successful in Foreign Land. It can also give a Foreigner Spouse. Rahu in 7th House further influences increase in desire for luxurious life. People who Rahu is in such place often dreams of life luxurious life that involves world-class food, house and vehicle to name a few. If Rahu is conjunct with Venus in 7th house and they are well placed, it can give a very good family life full of love and affection. The person will be highly successful in gaining Material success. The Biggest Industrialist of India Mr.Mukesh Ambani is having Rahu in 7th house. So this will clear your doubt that if it is well fortified how much gain a person can get.

Suggested Remedies for Malefic Rahu in birth Chart

Here is a list of certain effective remedies that can reduce the negative influence of Rahu:

Before marriage, one must take a piece of pure silver and offer it as a gift like Kanya Dan This silver piece won’t be lost in future and it must not be sold in future regardless of any money related issue.

Offering 7 Coconuts to the river every month is an another way to reduce the negative impact of Rahu in 7th House.

Person should Marry either in different Caste and culture or Faraway Place than the homeland to avoid any malefic affect on Marital life.

One should not marry before the age of 21. Offering milk to the river every month would be best to reduce the effect of Rahu.

One must feed birds and animals on the street. Moreover, offering water to plant would also help reducing the effect.

One must chant the Beej Mantra (OM BHRAM BHREEM BHROM SAH RAHVE NAMAH) under the guidance of an Astrologer to completely stop the negative effect of Rahu in 7th House. Mata Durga is the deity of Rahu. So chanting Durga Mantra and Shiva Mantra would be also helpful.

The transit of Rahu in 7th house can also trigger significant events in ones Life. It is always better to avoid any kind of Marriage when is transiting over the 7th house from Lagna.

I have tried to give you some information about Rahu in the seventh House. These results will change and modify with aspect, conjunction and Nakshatra placement. I always uses these rules in totality and you can see how my clients appreciate my analysis. SO theses should not be applied blindly in any chart. Only an Expert Astrologer can help you in this. If you want, you can take My consultation. One Last thing i would like to tell you that the starting of Rahu Dasha is always eventful. So whenever you are going to have Rahu Mahadasha starting, you should be careful. Join our Community for Sharing and gaining astrological knowledge.
दुर्गा सप्‍तशती या चण्‍डी पाठ कर रहे हैं तो रखें ये 5 सावधानियां
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घर में नहीं बचता पैसा तो इस गणेश चतुर्थी करें ये उपाय, दूर होंगी सारी परेशानी
श्री गणेश चतुर्थी 2 सितंबर को, अनंत चतुर्दशी तक कुंडली में लग्न को जानकर करें पूजन
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