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Financial Prosperity in Horoscope-Judge Wealth and Money by Astrology - Saral Jyotish Upay
The entire world revolves around Money or wealth. So it is a very important factor to see in any Horoscope. Most of the Astrologers, including me, gets a Lot of queries-Will I be rich in future. Today highest Priority is given to earning Money. People are even Neglecting their families and sacrificing relationship for Money. So I will give you some Basic idea about how to Check Financial Prosperity in Horoscope and the main Indicators of wealth in Astrology.

Main Houses for Wealth Prospect in Astrology

The second House in a Horoscope is Known as Dhana Bhava and it indicates the Money or Wealth. The strength of this House, its Lord and indicator must be checked to know the Prospect of Wealth and Money in the chart. In addition to 2nd house, the strength of 11th house and 6th house and 10th house also needs to be checked. Actually the 2nd House, 6th house and 10th house is Known as Artha Trikona. These Houses has tremendous importance regarding Financial Prosperity in Horoscope.

Our Life is Mainly guided by 4 Piller-Dharma or Duty, Artha or Wealth, Kama or Fulfillment of Desire and Moksha or Liberation or spirituality. 1st House, 5th House and 9th House is Known as Dharma Houses. 2nd House, 6th House and 10th house are Known as Artha Houses. 3rd house, 7th house and 11th House is known as Kama House and 4th, 8th and 12th house are Known as Moksha House. The Artha Houses has very high impact on earning and Profession of a Native.

Know More about Artha Houses.

The 6th, 10th and 11th House is also Known as Upachaya House. It means these Houses will give the Native the required strength and energy to fight with all kind of Odds and overcoming the obstacles. This is very important quality for a person who wants to earn Money because in the way of financial progress he will face lot of hindrances.

So we can summaries in this way that while judging Financial Prosperity in Horoscope 2nd House Indicate the Accumulated Wealth or Savings or Bank Balance, 11th House indicate the financial gain and Income, 10th house Indicate professional Success and Recognition in the Society and 6th house is overcoming the Challenges and Obstacles. So basically 10th house and 6th house act as supportive House.

But there are Few More Houses which may not have direct bearing on Money or wealth but without their help Nothing can be achieved-The Ascendant or Lagna and the 9th house. Lagna is our Physical existence and 9th house is our Fortune or Luck. If the Ascendant or Ascendant Lord is Weak, the entire Horoscope becomes weak and if the Foundation is Weak, you can not make a big structure on it. If the Ascendant Lord is badly placed in 8th house or 12th house and afflicted by Malefic Planets, it adversely affect the Financial Prosperity in Horoscope. Where as if the Ascendant or Lagna and Ascendant Lord joins the 10th house or 2nd House and their Lord it is Very Good combination for Wealth and Prosperity in Vedic Astrology. The exchange of 2nd house Lord of wealth and 11th house Lord of gain creates MahaLaxmi Yoga which is a very auspicious combination for Money.

Main Planets for Financial Prosperity in Horoscope

Moon and Jupiter is Main significator of Wealth in any Horoscope. Venus bestows Luxuries and comforts in Life. Without the Blessing of Venus we can not enjoy anything. So a well placed Venus Jupiter and Moon makes one Rich.

Mercury is not only the Planet of Intelligence or Intuition, in 21st Century it is also a very important Planet for Financial Gain. If Mercury is well placed in birth chart, it is an indication of Success in Business and financial Prosperity. An exalted Mercury in birth chart is a great Blessing for financial stability.

How to Know the Magnitude of Wealth with Astrology?

There are Lot of Wealthy person we see around us. Some are Millionaire, some are multi millionaire and some are even billionaire. All are having great Financial status but the magnitude is not same. So lets see how to know the magnitude of financial prosperity in Horoscope.

We have to Check the strength of the Planets which are supposed to give wealth and Money in any chart not only from Ascendant but also from some special Ascendant which are Arudha Lagna, Indu Lagna and Sree Lagna. We have to check the divisional chart for wealth which is known as Hora Chart or D2 chart. More the Strong the divisional Chart, more is the Magnitude. But remember, there has to be the Promise in main Rashi Chart. No Divisional chart and give result without the help of Rashi chart.

What is Arudha Lagna

Arudha Lagna is the Image of your Lagna on others. Its like reflection. It gives us a clue about how a person is perceived by others. For example if some one comes out of a BMW car, we instantly draw a conclusion that the person is extremely rich which may be or may not be true. It may happen that he does not own the car. This is the role of Arudha Lagna. So it is very important regarding Materialistic gain.

How to Calculate the Arudha Lagna

Count the House where the Lord of Ascendant is placed from Ascendant. Then count the same no of houses from Ascendant Lord. The House where we reach is Known as Arudha Lagna. Suppose you are Aries Ascendant and your Ascendant lord Mars is Placed in Leo. So count Leo from Ascendant. It is 5 sign away. Now count 5 sign from Leo. It is Sagittarius Sign. So Sagittarius will become your Arudha Lagna.

The Planets in 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th house from Arudha Lagna is very Important for Financial Prosperity in Horoscope.

Indu lagna and sree Lagna is specially used for seeing the Financial Prospect of any chart. Indu means Wealth and Sree means Prosperity. So these two Ascendants are Exclusively for checking Wealth Indication in a Horoscope. If any Exalted Planets is conjunct with Indu Lagna or aspect the Indu Lagna, it increases the possibility of Good Financial status. More the no of Planet Aspect or joins the Indu Lagna, More is the magnitude of the Wealth. If any debilitated Planet aspects the Sree Lagna in his Exaltation sign, it indicates a person who will become rich from rag.

Principles for Checking Financial Prosperity In Horoscope

A native is very Lucky regarding Money if Jupiter is Placed either in Own sign or exaltation sign. Jupiter is the most benevolent planet of the entire Zodiac.

Lords of the 2nd house and 11th House conjunct in Ascendant is a First grade wealth Yoga in a Horoscope.

The Lords of 1st, 2nd and 11th houses are in their Respective houses makes one extremely rich.

If the 7th and 8th house are strong, natives financial Condition Improves after marriage.

Jupiter conjuncts with 2nd Lord and Mercury.

The exchange Between the 2nd Lord and 5th Lord. 5th House is 9th from 9th House. So as per Bhavat Bhavam principle, it is the secondary House of Fortune. Moreover it is one of the Trikona House. We Know Trikona Houses are known as Lakshmisthana or Houses of wealth.

The Suns aspect on the Moon is very favorable for financial prosperity in Horoscope.

In the Divisional Chart D2 or Hora Chart, if there is more than one planet in Exaltation sign or in Own sign, it is an indication of More than average wealth.

Jupiter and Venus in Exaltation sign or in own sign or in Ascendant promotes financial status. Jupiter’s aspect to the Moon or 2nd house or 2nd Lord is also very beneficial.

Benefics in 8th house makes one rich by inheritance or Lottery or Share market. Mercury in 8th house gives gain through inheritance. Similarly Venus in 12th house also gives Financial gain.

It is important to remember that when the significator of wealth (dhana-kaarka) acts as a functional malefic and also forms conjunction / aspect of other malefic planets or in malefic houses, viz. 6th, 8th. or 12th , that planet will be detrimental to financial prosperity. The person may suffer losses during its operating period. Some multi-millionaire business people go bankrupt and are reduced to poverty due to such malefic effects. I have seen in my practical experience that The Dasha and Transit will have a big Say on a Persons Finance and Career.

In Astrology no rule should be applied as it is. There are lot of if and But is associated with every Principle which changes the result to a large extent. That is why one principle may work in one chart but may not work on another chart. To understand these principles, we must apply them in at least 50 to 100 charts and then only we will be able to understand how to use them.

I have tried to give you a basic idea about how to check the Financial Prosperity in Horoscope. If anything i have missed, Please do comment. I will love to hear from you about the result when you applied these principles in your chart. In case you want to know about Financial Progress in your Life, Get my Finance Consultation.

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