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Mars in 7th house for Male and Female horoscope - Saral Jyotish Upay
The 7th house is one of the 4 Kendra houses in our chart and Kendra Houses are known as Vishnu Sthan. 1, 4, 7, 10 these are four Kendra houses which are like Piller in our chart as Vishnu Stands for Sustenance. Strong Kendra Makes the Horoscope Very strong. So any planet in 7th is very important. But the Position of Mars in 7th house is Special because 7th house is also the house of War and Mars is the Soldier. We will discuss both good and bad influence of the 7th house Mars on us.

But before I shall make you known to the result of Mars in 7th house it is necessary to get some idea about the significance or importance of Mars and the 7th house to understand the effects better.

Significance of Mars

Mars is a very dry and hot planet and like Sun, fire is the main element that is represented by Mars. It gives you strength, both mental and physical. In horoscope it is a planet with the nature of masculinity, stregth, Aggresiveness etc. Besides, Mars signifies people from profession such as engineers, real estate businessmen, soldiers, builders, surgeons etc.

Mars gives you the power to argue with logic. That means you will be a person with logic and will never make discussions without valid points. It provides excellent qualities like administrative skill, determination, courage, ambition to you. Sometimes it becomes the Yogkaraka and you will be benefited regarding wealth and prosperity from that. At the same time it can often make you aggressive and short-tempered.

Manglik Dosha is much popular and most discussed topic for marriage in Vedic astrology in our society that may gives you disputes, obstacles, hurdles and sometimes even divorce. Mars creates this Dosha. When Mars takes the position in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house, it can cause Manglik dosha. So horoscope of both the boy and girl should be matched before marriage according to this planet. Finally, As the Name Suggest-Mangal, we need the blessing of Mars on all Good events of our life. So its role is very important regarding marital Bliss.

Signification of 7th House

What does the 7th house actually mean? How does it work? It’s the house of other people. That means it’s the house of your spouse or life partner and the people around you or related to you. Apart from that, 7th house is the house of career, business, foreign journey, earnings, married life etc. The planet which sits in 7th house will aspect the ascendant or will influence us directly.

Now we can make discussions about the placement of Mars in 7th house, the characteristic and activities of Mars in 7th house with reference to the ancient scriptures.

Effects of Mars in 7th House

As Mars is a planet with much power, energy, courage and bravery, when it occupies the 7th house, brings enormous aggression and strength in the native. If you are a person with Mars in 7th house then, you will always try to hold the upper hand in all the cases. Because of your short temperament, most of the time you will get involved in a discussion, that will be turned into a hot argument. Mars is vitality, energy and totally unpredictable. It’s impossible to make him changed against his wish. It will make you very much independent and courageous. You will not be afraid to face the challenges of life. You will have decision making power. You will be able to fight with all kinds of opposition. If this Mars is in Own sign or Exalted, it will give you lot of Confidence. But a person with Mars in 7th will be straight forward. If there is no other Affliction, He will be honest and Protective. If a Benefic Mars is placed in the 7th house from Lagna it can make you a Businessman specially in Business like Real estate, Land, Engineering etc.

Mars occupying the 7th house makes you manglik. Here, Mars causes obstacles and delay in marriage. It may also spoil the married life by creating misunderstanding between you and your spouse. The opinion of husband and wife generally does not match. There are many factor behind it but Ego problem is considered as one of the vital factor among them. So it is always advised that a Manglik boy should marry a Manglik girl or vice versa to get rid of the destructive effects caused by Mars.

As 7th house also signifies professional relationship, an afflicted Mars may give disturbance in the relations among business partners. Yet if you try hard and work restlessly, even if there is Mars in your 7th house, it will yield good results in the field of marketing, salesmanship etc.

Effect of Mars on Marriage When Occupies the 7th house

Mars in 7th house Marriage

Mars is a separative Planet. So its influence in the house of Marriage is not considered Auspicious. When Mars Occupies the 7th house it may make you sexually energetic and bold. At the same time it may make you restless and even harsh that will have an inauspicious effect on your married life. If Mars is also in the 7th house of Navamsa, Fights and Friction will be regular thing in Married Life. It creates lot of frustration in Marriage. So, it’s quite easy to understand that the married life is not going to be so good Unless Mars is not Yogkaraka or in Own sign or exalted. The native will be the aggressive one who will not willing to compromise at all. The influence of Mars on the 7th house of Navamsa or D9 chart is more problematic than D1 chart.

When you have Mars in the 7th house, you will have inclination to select a Strong Partner or Partner who is working Police, Military etc. But according to astrology, he or she should be given such a life-partner who has Saturn in the 7th house in his or her chart to handle the crucial situation. The only reason behind it is that the Saturn is a planet with stability, patience and maturity and so has the ability to handle the native of Mars effectively. But if Mars is Yogkaraka or 9th house Lord or 7th house Lord, then it will not give Much adverse effect. It can give a Rich and wealthy partner. Among all the Planets the Mars is most inauspicious Planet for Marriage and married life. When this Mars is also associated with Rahu n the 7th house, it creates more trouble and problem.

But When this Mars is conjunct with Venus in a Good sign in 7th house, it can also give an early Marriage. This Mars-Venus Combination can also give Love Marriage if other factor are Supportive.

Mars in 7th house marriage

It will always be more detrimental for female having Mars in the 7th house than a male. A 7th house Mars definitely makes her aggressive and egoistic too. For her unstoppable ego and aggressiveness, her husband and in-laws will have to confront fights with her frequently. So Mars in the 7th house is definitely not good specially for female at all.

If an exalted Mars is in 7th house in a female horoscope, she may get married to a man from a high post having much power and authority in any department related to government. If, along with this, an exalted Jupiter is placed in the 1st house in her horoscope, the combination will make the girl get married to a man holding good rank in police or army. The girl who has this combination will also find her social status developed after marriage.

Effects of Mars in 7th house in different Signs

Now we will be discussing about how Mars will have it’s influence when he is in the 7th house in different signs. We will talk about the signs where Mars will give good results and where the result will not be good at all.

Mars is in 7th house in Aries sign

When Mars Occupies the 7th house in Aries Sign, the native is of Libra ascendant. If you have Mars in 7th house in Aries, there is a possibility of earning lots of wealth. You may get respect in social fields. For Libra Ascendant Mars becomes the 2nd Lord and thus the main planet for Wealth and Money. Most interestingly, you will have a wife with strong will power. Your wife will have a strong determination over everything. Once she has taken any decision, no one can make her change that. Mars in Aries in 7th House is not Bad for married life as it is being the 7th lord in own sign. But we must check other affliction as well.

Mars is in 7th house in Libra sign

If Mars possesses the 7th house in the sign of Libra, You are born in Aries Lagna. With this placement you will have to carry your duty or responsibility with great difficulties. There is a great probability of trouble and regular conflict with your wife. As Mars becomes 8th lord for Aries Lagna and its placement in 7th house in Libra will give a difficult marriage if other Benefic influence is absent. So When Mars is in Libra Sign in 7th house You will work very hard for the improvement of your business and get honored by the government and society for that. So it will give you honour and reputation. But sometimes you may fail to improve your financial condition in spite of investing best efforts. Though you have a pleasant married life, you will feel a lack of sexual pleasure in married life.

Mars in 7th house in Sagittarius sign

If Mars occupies the 7th house in Sagittarius sign then, it is in its friendly sign because the Jupiter and Mars are friends to each other. You will be gifted with tall height, good physique, young look and many more good qualities. It will make you passionate or sensual about your marriage and married life. It may be seen that the native usually spends much time in giving attention to those matters related to 7th house such as relationship, with spouse or in business. Like you, your spouse will also be younger looking, dominating and of aggressive nature. He or she will have athletic figure. Though spouse will bring much gain in your life, there will always be some conflicts in your married life because of the hotness of Mars. Mars in 7th house in Sagittarius helps you to have achievements and better financial condition after marriage.

Mars in the 7th House for Scorpio sign

When Mars takes place in the 7th house in the sign of Scorpio, the native will be a Taurus ascendant. With this placement you will have to witness a mixed experience in your life. You will have such a way of expenditure that is worthy to be respected, but may have some deficiencies in the dignity of family. You will be hard-working but may have to face loss in wealth. With Mars in the 7th house in Scorpio sign you may have a mixed relation with your wife. That means the relation will be neither so good nor so bad. There may be some problems in enjoying the sexual pleasure because of weakness.

Mars is in 7th House in Aquarius sign

These natives who have Mars in 7th house in the sign of Aquarius are seen experiencing the lack of brightness, interest and excitement in the side of spouse and mother. They are never satisfied with the issues related to the happiness of family life. Though there may always be some dissatisfaction in the house of domestic life, the native may get success or gain from daily occupation.

Mars in 7th House in Capricorn sign

When Mars possesses 7th house in Capricorn sign, the native will be a Cancer ascendant. With this placement you will get involved in such an occupation that is magnificent and you will do an impressive job in that. You will carry such a great wisdom that will make you uplifted and respected. You may get a wife who would have much influence and respect in government and society that will help you in achieving the same respect and honour as your wife. You may have weakness of body but will get pleasant feeling in sexual affairs. In many cases, where there is a requirement for influence, you will get help from your father and son.

Mars in 7th house in Leo sign

If you are the owner of the placement of Mars in 7th house in Leo sign then, you may always try hard to pursue a profession that will have much respect and honour. You will have a great ability to manage things related to government and society and get popularity for that. There is some probability of keeping influence in the house of wife. You would execute good job in administrative cases.

Mars in 7th house in Taurus Sign

People having Mars in 7th house in Taurus sign generally get power, strength, enmity, struggle in the house of wife. There is some benefits too. They are much attentive in their profession and very much serious about it. They work with conscientiousness in their workplace. They would be very passionate about sexual relation and get the pleasure too. If you have this position of Mars then, you may have to face troubles regarding diseases, specially related to organs. You will have a great influence, power and respect from government or workplace and society.

Mars in 7th House in Gemini Sign

When there is Mars in 7th house in the sign of Gemini, you will be doing fantastic in creating different ways for increasing your wealth, but may have to experience loss in the house of occupation and government. Your education would suffer much deficiency and there will also be some physical weakness.

Mars in 7th House in Cancer Sign

If you have Mars sits in the 7th house in Cancer sign you would experience loss some loss and deficiency in the house of wife and mother. In occupation or workplace you will not succeed to maintain a strong relation. Even after restless effort you will try more to earn money and the happiness in your family life. You may have to experience lack of pleasure in sexual relationship.

Mars in the 7th House in Virgo sign

The people having Mars in 7th house in the sign of Virgo are of Pisces ascendant. This type of people are very hard-working and much serious about their occupation. They even experience so much progress, specially financial, in their professional life because of their fortune. With this placement, you will have gain also for the good luck of your wife. You will be able to execute your business in a large scale and get privileged from government and society. In many parts of life, you may get cooperated by your father. So it’s a good placement for father. Besides, you would enjoy the full pleasure of your sexual life. Money or wealth will have a great importance in your life and you too, will not hesitate for a single time to implement the best effort in earning wealth.

Mars in the 7th house in Pisces Sign

When you have Mars occupying the 7th house in the sign of Pisces then, there may be a mixed effect or experience in your professional life. You will be successful in your occupation, specially in one which is related to industries, but at the same time, there will be always something to be worried about in your occupation. Therefore, you will be engaged in making secret plans or policies for the development of your career or profession. With this placement, you may have to face some troubles and even distress in the house of your wife and father. You may also have to confront hindrances due to some deficit in the house of your siblings.

I have tried my best to help you with some information about the Effects of Mars in the 7th house for different Ascendant Signs. But you need to check Conjunction with other Planets, aspects, Nakshatra etc before drawing any confirmed conclusion.

If you think I have missed anything, do not forget to comment below. If you have liked it then, do not forget to share.
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