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Venus in 7th house of Male or Female Horoscope in different Sign - Saral Jyotish Upay
7th house is the Most important house for Love, Relationship and Marriage. Venus is also the most important Planet for Love and Marriage. It is is the Signficator for marriage. So the position of Venus in 7th house is special to some extent. We will discuss both the influence of Venus in the 7th house, whether it is good or bad or both.

But before making you familiar with the result of Venus in 7th house it is necessary to make you informed about the significance or importance of Venus and the 7th house so that you can figure out the effects in much better way.

Significance of Venus

I have already said that among all the planets, Venus has a special as well as different importance in our life as it represents many things those are essential to lead a happy and peaceful life. Without the Blessings of Venus, we can not enjoy the pleasure of Life.

In astrology, Venus is said to be the goddess of love. It is the planet of love, romance, beauty, sex, dance and music etc. Venus is the ruler of two zodiac signs, Taurus and Libra. As Libra mainly signifies love and Taurus indicates money, Venus represents these two very significant areas of our life- love and money, without any of these two, life becomes worthless or meaningless. Actually these two aspects, love and money is actually a oversimple exposition of Venus. Apart from that Venus rules our sentiments, our values, and the pleasure we enjoy in life. Through Venus, we come to learn about our tastes, pleasures, grace, charm, beauty and everything that is refined and makes us happy. In Case of Male, Venus Signifies both Marriage and Wife but in case of Female Venus Signifies Marriage only.

Pleasures and Happiness in married life can also be judged from the position of Venus in horoscope as it is the Significator of Marriage for both Male or Female. If in any individual chart, Venus is not strongly placed or is debilitated, he or she may lack Marital Bliss. When Venus is afflicted by the aspect or conjunction with any malefic planets, the result will be the same.

Venus controls various professions like ready-made garments, hotel, restaurant, tours and travel, textile industry, music, theater, cinema or film industry and many more fields of creativity. So a strong Venus will definitely make you connected with enormous types of creative fields and make you expert in that, through which you can even earn lots of name and fame.

Signification of 7th House

The 7th house actually signifies the house of other people. That means it’s the house of your spouse or life partner and the people around your circle or related to you anyway. Apart from that, 7th house is the house of career, business, foreign journey, earnings, married life etc. The pleasure from the marital relationship is indicated by this house. It reveals the strength of the relationship with your better half. The planet which sits in 7th house will aspect the ascendant or will influence us directly. It is 10th from 10th house. SO As per Bhavat Bhavam Principle, it is also secondary house of Profession and Status.

Now we can make a analytic discourse on the placement of Venus in 7th house, the features and activities of Venus in 7th house with information from the ancient scriptures.

Effects of Venus in 7th House

7th house controls love affair, marriage proposals, married life, relationship with spouse in post-marriage period, quarrels between man and woman or quarrel between persons of the same sex but related to a third member of the opposite sex, private parts of the body and in a sense family background of the spouse. On the other hand Venus is a planet of love, romance and luxury. A native with Venus occupying 7th house will be rich, humble,happy. He or she will have long life, proved good for parents. Even if wife or husband is not beautiful, he or she will be good by heart. Native may gain or achieve an all round progress after marriage. If you have Venus in 7th house from Lagna, you will be Lucky and fortunate regarding Marriage and Married Life. You can also be benefited from Female friends or connections.

When a strong or well-placed Venus is there in your 7th house, you will be compatible with others, and may be very good-looking or attractive. You will be much concerned about balance and know how to maintain it in your life whether it would be social or private. You may have the aura to be a good speaker. You are good at replacing peace with discord. As a marriage partner, you will probably be very attractive and particularly good at pleasing and making your spouse happy by adorable words. You may feel that you madly need a perfect relationship and sometimes over-react to trivial imperfections. You will always seek to have luxury and beauty in your relationship, both romantic and material and also trying to find a partner who will give you all these things. It is because you tend to compromise, you might feel down-trodden and so you need to learn the way to lift up for yourself.

Venus in 7th house can give you an elegant and beautiful wife who will come from a cultured family. Your wife should be very careful and affectionate towards your parents and relatives. Venus signifies the love, pleasure, art and creativity, relationship with opposite sex and luxury, and that is why Venus loves to make agreement, partnership. When Venus Occupies the 7th house, you will also enjoy the comfort of good Vehicle.

Saturn and Venus are permanent friend, in fact it would better to be said best friend of each other. But in respect of aspects this is not good placement. Saturn aspects the house of Mercury which creates problems like delays in marriage, anxiety in relationship, making problems in daily routines etc. Venus decrease the bad aspects or effects of Saturn.

When the Venus becomes weak with the effects of malefic planets and placed at unfavourable position, the result will naturally be not so beneficial for the native. For example, Venus will give inauspicious results if it transits the 6th, 7th or 10th house from the Moon ascendant. It will cause the delay in marriage. With such a placement of Venus in 7th house, the native may have more than one relationships and his or her married life can also suffer. The effects of weak or debilitated Venus can cause disturbance in married life and problems in relationships.

Effect of Venus on Marriage When it occupies the 7th house

When we see that Venus has Occupied the 7th house of a birth chart we have to be extra careful about the Marital Life of the Native. It increases Love, Passion and Lust within the Person. It is often Noticed that People with Venus in 7th house generally fall in Love quite easily. So After Marriage, being Loyal to the Partner is a Challenge to Such person.

There is one More Dictum in Vedic Astrology-Karaka Bhava nasha. It means if the Significator of any house is placed in that house, it will not give Good Result. Venus is the Significator of Marriage and its placement in 7th house will create Karaka Bhava nasha. But this will dictum will only be applicable if Venus is also placed in the Lagna of D9 or Navamsa Chart. In that case 7th house Venus will not give a happy Married life but otherwise it will not create any Problem if not afflicted. You can read about how to understand Married Life from Navamsa to know More. It will rather give a very Beautiful and charming Wife. Married Life will be happy and Harmonious.

If Jupiter and Venus is conjunct in 7th house, this can give you early Marriage as well. You can read my Detail article about Marriage time Prediction to understand this better.

In case of Male Native as Venus also Signifies Wife, Lot of Information about wife can be deduced from the condition of Venus. For Female Native, we have to See Jupiter and Mars to know about the information of Husband.

Venus in 7th house for different Ascendant

Effects of Venus in 7th house in different Signs

Now we will make a discussion on how Venus will create it’s impact when he occupies the 7th house in different signs. For different signs, naturally the effect will differ.

Now we will talk in detail about the signs where Venus will give good results and where the result will not so good.

Venus is in 7th house in Aries sign

When Venus occupies the 7th house in Aries Sign then, the native is a Libra ascendant. With such a Placement, You will be good-looking, Sensitive and Passionate. You will have a excellent sight of your own. You will be very clever, diplomatic and use your diplomat-ism in getting your task or work completed anyway. You would be self-centered and that is why there may be some distress in wife-oriented family matters. You will be seeking sexual favours during all your life. The Position of Venus in Aries Sign in Bharani Nakshatra is not considered Good and it will bring multiple relationship in your life.

Venus is in 7th house in Libra sign

If Venus is in the 7th house in Libra then it is a Aries ascendant kundli. With Venus in 7th house in Libra sign in your chart, you will be capable of earning much wealth and hold a good position at work place. This placement will make you gifted with a beautiful wife as well as a rich father-in-law. You will always have a very good bondage with your family. This placement will allow the native to enjoy the best sexual pleasure ever. The native will be very clever, sometime even cunning in his or her earnings. You will be very handsome in your appearance. Venus in 7th house occupying the Libra sign can lift you up to such a position that will have much honor and respect. In case of Aries Ascendant, Venus becomes the 7th lord and its placement in 7th house itself is highly Auspicious.

Venus in the 7th house in Sagittarius sign

If you have Venus in your 7th house in Sagittarius sign, you are born of Gemini Ascendant. In 7th house in the sign of Sagittarius, Venus will give you good strength to earn in daily occupation. This can make you fickle minded or indecisive in relationship and you may take lot of time in committing in Relationship. But there will be no problem at all in getting sexual pleasure. You will be able to spend lots of money and you will also spend heavily on your wife as well as your family. For Gemini Lagna, Venus becomes the 5th Lord and hence its placement in 7th house is a Good combination for Love Marriage.

Venus in the 7th House in Scorpio sign

In the 7th house for Taurus ascendant the sign which Venus occupies is a Scorpio sign. The native having Venus in 7th house in the Scorpio sign will have a good and handsome physique. Here Venus will make you Passionate about Love and Romance. Scorpio is an intense sign and hence Venus in Scorpio will make you Very much emotional and attached to your partner. Though there may be some kind of problem with wife or health of wife, you will do your work diligently at your workplace. For Taurus Ascendant Venus is Lagna Lord and its placement in 7th house from where it aspects the Lagna is a highly fortunate placement for Overall growth in life.

Venus in 7th House in Aquarius sign

If Venus occupies 7th house in Aquarius sign, you are born with Leo Ascendant. The native will gain a great power to be successful in daily and permanent trade and occupation. With this placement you will get strength from the house of brother and sister as well as your father. For the purpose of occupation or somehow you will be connected with government and society where you will have much respect as well as a great influence. This placement of 7th house Venus in Aquarius make you skilled, courageous, clever, vigorous and benefited with great sexual pleasure. But Aquarius Venus in Shatabhisha Nakshatra is not good.

Venus in 7th House in Capricorn sign

In the 7th house for Cancer ascendant the sign where Venus sits is a Capricorn sign. Having a 7th house Venus in the sign of Capricorn the native will get success in pursuing daily occupation happily. There would be a strong relationship and happiness with wife. As Venus becomes the 4th and 11th lord for cancer Lagna, its Placement in 7th house is also a good placement for Money, financial gain and profit through Social Networks or female friends. This placement will make you so clever that you will be able to achieve success peacefully. As Capricorn is a Fixed Sign, You will be generally dependent in case of Relationship.

Venus in 7th house in Leo sign

When Venus sits in the 7th house in the zodiac sign of Leo, it will proved to be auspicious for the native. It will bring happiness but cause some lack or deficiency in mutual love in the family. From the side of lands and buildings, this position will give you lots of strength. You will be gifted with a good physique. At your workplace, you will remain truthful and that is why you will have the satisfaction in your profession. Leo Venus will give you the ability to attract opposite sex but sometime your behavior with your partner can be egoistic which may cause Problem.

Venus is in 7th house in Taurus Sign

If Venus places in the 7th house in Taurus sign then these people may be very hard-working. As Taurus is the own Sign of Venus, it is highly beneficial placement. The native will pursue various kinds of occupation, work hard for getting success in his or her occupation. Having Venus in 7th house in Taurus sign the native will get the pleasure of family and wife. This placement will make the native very much concerned about beauty, sexual pleasure, charm as well as the art to manage his or her profession.

Venus in 7th House in Gemini Sign

When Venus possesses the 7th house in Gemini sign the person will be a Sagittarius ascendant. There will be a lot of gain in the house of occupation. The native will be co-operated greatly by his wife though there may be some conflict as well. Venus becomes the 6th lord for Sagittarius Lagna and so its placement in 7th house will create some friction with Wife. You can read my detailed article about Divorce and Separation Yoga in Horoscope to Know more. Because of having a 7th house Venus in the sign of Gemini you will be wanting much sexual pleasure, fond of beauty. You will get great advantage from the house of occupation and domestic life. You will be very clever and get honored at your workplace.

Venus in 7th House in Cancer Sign

These people having Venus in 7th house in Cancer sign in their horoscope will always be pursuing a powerful occupation. The native will get strength from children and gains happiness for the family. You will do honorable deeds like charity, welfare etc. for the government and society. As Cancer is a watery sign and Venus in a Watery Sign is good for Love and Romance.

Venus in 7th House in the sign of Virgo

If you have Venus in your 7th house in the Virgo sign then, You will always get much worried in the regular routine of life on account of wife and your family. You may have to bear the loss of brothers and sisters. Venus is debilitated in Virgo. So this is a not a good placement for Marriage or Marital Life. If Mercury also joins this Venus, it will cause Neecha Bhanga and the debilitation of Venus will be canceled. But this combination though give you Money and wealth but is not good for Marriage or Marital Life. You will be clever and courageous and always keep a secret thought of your own. There may be some lack in the house of sexual pleasure.

Venus is in 7th House in Pisces sign

In the 7th house for Virgo ascendant the sign being Pisces sign. The native with the 7th Venus in Pisces will be quite fortunate. He or she will get the utmost power to enjoy a very high standard sexual life or pleasure. This placement will make the native earn a lot of wealth. The native will be succeed in conducting a great daily occupation. With this position you will have a beautiful wife as well as a rich father-in-law.

I have tried to give you some particulars about the result of Venus in 7th house for different Ascendant. But you need to check Conjunction with other Planets, aspects , Nakshatra etc without which you can never make any conclusion.

If you think I have missed or overlooked anything then, do not forget to comment below. Do not forget to share if you have liked it.
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