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Center of Vedic Astrology - Saral Jyotish Upay
Yogas for - LOVE & ROMANCE in KUNDALI - Saral Jyotish Upay
1) Native will fall in love when in rasi or navamsa, Venus and Moon are mutually related by aspect or conjunction.

2) One will encounter a love affair, when Mercury and lunar nodes (Rahu/Ketu) are mutually related. Similar result matures when Mercury and Moon are sambandhi.

3) Without retrogression, should lord of 1st house in 7th house or lord of 7th house in 1st house: one will go for a love marriage.

4) Venus or its dispositor when aspected by Saturn generally shows prolonged longing with one person, whereas Venus conjoined Saturn often gives more than one liaison.

5) Lord of 7th with Venus or relation between dispositor of Venus and 7th house leads to falling in love.

6) If Venus is sambandi with Mars, or 1st lord is sambandi with 7th lord then native will be very passionate and may easily fall in love (However, Venus conjoined Mars is not a welcome combination for a happy relationship).

Combinations of Failed Affairs

7) When Venus is conjoined or aspected by Saturn, and neither 7th lord nor Venus gets shubh argala or shubh drishti, then a miserable end of intimacy is indicated. Moreover, pain of parting terribly hurts the native if Moon occupies in the navamsa of Venus or Saturn.

8) For male nativities, Venus in 12th or 6th house having aspect and association of at least two natural malefics; and for female nativities, Mars in 12th or 6th house having aspect and association of at least two natural malefics reveals failed affair as well as separation from spouse.

9) Lord of 7th or Venus in rasi/navamsa of Virgo and a malefic in Libra makes one bereft of true happiness in love. Even s/he may go for many relationships.

10) Saturn in planetary war with Venus and opposite to Moon; or Saturn in planetary war with Mars and opposite to Venus; or Venus in planetary with Mars and opposite to Moon, gives uncountable affairs and enormous breakups.

11) If AL and A7 are placed 6th-8th or 2nd-12th to each others; and malefics occupy in 2nd and 4th from UL then shortcoming in emotional relationship is indicated.

12) In male charts, Jupiter (without retrogression) be in 6th or 8th from afflicted Venus; and in female charts, Jupiter (without retrogression) be in 6th or 8th from afflicted Mars, results in failed relationship. However, such a Jupiter in retrogression gives partial happiness after initial failure.

Timing Love Affair

13) In natal chart, if Jupiter aspects/conjoins Venus or Mars (as the chart belongs to male or femle respectively), then during second guru-parayaya (age 13- 24), transit of Jupiter over, opposite to trine to natal Venus or Mars produces emotional intimacy with opposite sex.

14) When Mercury and Lunar Nodes, or Mercury and Moon form love yoga in the natal chart, then transit of Jupiter, over, opposite to trine to these radical planet yields begining of love affair.

15) If Saturn aspects/conjoins Venus (both in natal charts of male and female) then, transit of Saturn over, opposite to trine to natal Venus brings beloved one in life.
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