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Advance Course (Degree Course)
Learn Vedic Astrology Online

Basic Level (Diploma Course)

Online Astrology Classes India at FISTP & get the sight that will enable you to behold the future.

Are you well versed in the divine knowledge of Astrology through our Basic Level Course? If yes, it is the right time for you to hone your skills and move on to the next level of Astro –science. Our online astrology course brings to you the advanced version called as Advance Level Course. However, it’s of utmost importance for a candidate to learn basic level. Since, Fistp is the sole institute that provides to learn jyotishshastra for its students in a short span of 3 to 6 months, with regular investment of only 2 hours, this professional astrology course teaches you about the depths of learning Vedic Astrologythat has been a part of our ancient literature and education.

All in all, there will be a holistic approach towards ancient Indian vedic astrology, with help of which you can conquer all the personal and professional difficulties in your life at every stage, and so you can help others to achieve the same.

About The Course

Getting best Astrology courses is not a challenge anymore, as our efficacious resources and experts are braced to help you extract the solutions for all the quandaries of your lives by learning jyotishshastra. Our customized study material is designed in a very convenient and comprehensive way, wherein students will be educated by presentations; various assignments will be allotted to them. Also, videos of our study material are available for visual and fun learning, and practical exams are conducted for assessments of the same.

Astrology is the science to study stars, their movements, relationships, and their impact on human beings. As a human being takes birth on a particular date, time and place, he gets the effects of planetary position in the sky at that time. This affects one’s attitude, body makeup, lifestyle, outlook, career, wealth, etc.

Especially the topics on Pitra-Dosha, Bhumi Dosha, Daivik Dosha, Shraap, powerful remedies etc. are presented which is probably the most powerful, most sought but rarely available knowledge of this field.

How can you learn at our institute?

Astrology is an ancient science and learning it cannot be as simple as reading your horoscope in the newspaper. By taking up astrology classes online in India, you will be made aware of the various facets of this universe that may affect a person’s life and future. Our courses and programs for astrology through distance learning online in India may cover:

To help students and aspirants in mastering the science of Astrology, we, at FISTP.com, offer a variety of learning programs to suit the specific needs of different learners. You can choose to join or take up our:

astrology basic course online in India. ( Diploma Course )
astrology advance course online. ( Degree Course )
astrology professional course online. ( Master Course )
astrology correspondence course online in India.
astrology workshops online in India

These long and short duration courses have been designed to provide students with a deep insight and power to actually witness and understand the beautiful and complex web that the cosmos has spun for us. And once you possess this knowledge, answers to questions like “What career should I choose?” “When will I get married?” “Will my business succeed?” “Will I get happiness in Life?” will come within easy reach! To know further about our courses and career options please write to us on email id harshkm@gmail.com or you can reach us on + 91-98998 42558.

Especially the topics on Pitra-Dosha, Bhumi Dosha, Daivik Dosha, Shraap, powerful remedies etc. are presented which is probably the most powerful, most sought but rarely available knowledge of this field.

Duration of Course :
1-month Learning Course.
  Language :
Hindi & English
Online Webnair Live Lectures :
Five lectures in a week for 1:00-1.30 hours, at your convenient time
  Admission Procedure :
An aspirant can apply for the course by filling the application form.
Attendance :
75% of attendance is compulsory.
Study Material :
Our study material is created in the best possible way for simplifying the learning process that helps students to understand the complicated subject in a much more jovial way.
Online Examination :
There will be regular examinations conducted to assess your proficiency that lets you understand your level and scope of improvement in the field.
Learn Anywhere Every where :
We certainly do not believe that knowledge could only be delivered in the confinements of disciplined walls. We promote modern digital learning wherein you can choose your preferred location and browse your study material online comfortably.
Professional Consultant :
We provide you a platform where you can share space with other experts and help our browsers with their questionnaire by interacting with them and daily updates of your authored articles.
Manglik Dosha and Sadhe Sati

Effect of manglik doshas, marriage and match making, disease, origion of manglik dosha - from Moon, venus and lagna, cancellations, manglik dosha and five houses, problem with manglik and non manglik couples, Gem stones and remedies for manglik dosha. Importance of manglik dosha in match maiking.

Effect of sade sati, all three phases of sade sati, identify problem in sade sati - health, death, finance, marriage, career, loan, loss, job/business etc. Laghu dahya and astaam shani dhayya and effects.

Strength of a Planets

Shadbala Six fold Strength : Positional, Directional, Kaal, Motional and Natural Strengths of Planets, Calculation of sixfold Strengths on the basis of

Directional Strength, Strength of a House. Awasthasa - Jagriti, Mudita, Sawpan, udita etc.

The Dasa System - Timing of Event

Types of dasha systems, effects of maha-dasha of Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. 34 golden principles of analyzing various dasha. Effects of antar-dasha of planets. Pratyantar and sukhsmadasha.

This module will show the students the relativity effect of time by way of understanding of ‘dashas’. Here student shall study the effect of time from 20 years to 2 months based on various Mahadasha, ‘Antar Dasha’, Pratyantar Dasha’ and Sukhshma Pratyantar Dasha. On completion of this module, students will add a new dimension into their study, that is Time..

Art of Predictions

Step by step principles to see horoscope, rules, basic principles based on well placed planets, retrograde and set planets, aspects of planets, effects of lord of trine, quality of results, two, three, four, five, six planets togethers. Causative, uncausative and neutral planets.

Important Yoga's

This module shall cover all Yogas (combinations) of planets, zodic signs and places in the horoscope. These yogas will give an advance understanding of the subject with real in depth analysis and to the point prediction. On completion of this Module, students will be able to see various subtle and bottom line combinations, which bring a new, look in the whole scenario. This module shall prove to be very interesting and interrogating for the students.

Raj Yoga, Vepreet Rahj Yogas, gaj-kesri, chandala, Pap-Kartari, Bhagyavaan, Lakshmi Prapti, Shatru Vriddhhi, Combinations formed by Sun and Moon Sunafa, Anafa,Durudhara, Kemdrum, Vasi, Vesi, Ubhayachari, Budhaditya yog, Gajkesari, Chandra, Mangal, Amala yog, Panchmahapurush yogas Ruchak, Bhadra, Hans, Malavya, Sas , Wealth and Rajyogas By lords of Kendras and Trikonas., etc.

Importance of Quadrangles and Trines in Yoga. Role of Rahu and Ketu in Yoga.

Marriage, Married Life and Love Affairs

Marriage, age polygamy, divorce, marital happiness, disease to spouse, time of marriage, widow, characteristics color-features of spouse, obstacles in marriage, raj yoga of spouse partnership, benefits, relation,

Timing of marriage, love or arrange marriage yoga, married life, nature of spouse, un happy marriage life, sex life, love life,

Love affairs & Sexual relationships, Special yogas and combinations of good and weak marriage life, Love Marriage & premarital affair, Marriage in known circle, Dowry, Divorce - (Houses, Planets, Combinations & Timing of divorce), Special combinations, Marriage proposals & breaking of engagements, Manglik dosha, No marriage, Multiple love and affairs,


General, Horoscope matching, Ashtakoot matching Varna, Vashya, Tara, Yoni, Grih maitri, Gana, Bhakoot and Nadi, Mangal dosh and remedies, Mangal vichar by lagna, Moon and Shukra. Comparative analysis of the horoscopes of boy and girl. Effect of cruel planets on matching, Determination of Health, Wealth, Children, Age, Bliss etc.

Matching horoscope of boy and girl before marriage, auspicious yoga, planets friendship, qualities (Guna) matching.

Remedial measures-Nine planets pacification, improvement in business/career, financial development family development, health improvement, Rituals for Pacification of dosha.

Progeny Prospects

Houses, Planet, Combinations, Timing the birth of child, No child, Miscarriages, Abortion, Special cases, Remedies, Gand Mool Nakshatra. Transits.

Caree and Money & Finance Prospects

Job/profession/business, multiple income, nature of work/business/profession, timing of expension and remedies.

Combinations, Houses, Planets, Weak and good yogas in career, Dasa system and Timing for growth, Change in job/business & Timing of change a job, Nature of next job/business & vice versa, Break in career, Suspension, Promotions, Transfer, Type of Career, Re location in job, Foreign sattlement through job

Money and Finance

Wealthy and poor yoga, Bankruptcy, Wealth from in laws, family, bank balance, Wealth-own country/foreign, ancestral property, direction of receiving Wealth. 

Financial condition, good and weak time for money,  losses, debt and gain with timings. Yoga & timing of huge money & bank balance

Health Prospects
Timings and yogas of health issue, nature of illness and remedies.
Body parts, Planets, Houses, Combinations, Timing of disease, Transits, Type of diseases, Accidents & Accidental deaths.
Education Prospects

How to predict a basic, higher and foreign education. Yogas of doctors, CA, MBAs etc.

Combination of No Education, No inclination for Education, Foreign Education, Scholarships, Success in Competition Exams & Interviews, Field of Education, Prizes or Awards. Transits.

Investment, Properties, Vehicle and parental Properties

Right time of investment, nature of right  investment ie stock market, commodities, properties, Parental properties.

Purchase of Property/Vehicle , Purchase through Loan, Purchase in Installments, Location & Status of property, Commercial property, Construction of property, Rental income, Loss of property, Partition of property, Sale of property, Change of residence. Gift of Vehicle. Transits.


Remedies in details of each planet. Mantra, Strotra, Viniyog, Dhyan, Kavach, Yantra, Vrat, Fast, Puja, Aushadhi bath, Gem, Crystal, Daana method and remedy for each house. Remedy for Kaal Sarp, Manglik, Shani-Shukra Yoga and remedy for Rahu-Ketu.

Remedies for malefic effects of planets, Importance of Stones-precious and semi precious, Importance of Yantras and Mantras, Worship of Planets..


What We Will Teach

Yoga and doshas, Dasha and Transit, Predictive Astrology, Marriage and children Astrology, Medical Astrology, Remedial Astrology, Practical (including all the topics), Yoga and doshas practicals of all the topics under these will be conducted.

What You Will Get

We provide knowledge so that one can easily give a remedy for all the problems. A solution for disease, stress, conflicts, quarrels, divorce, delay in marriage, career problems, failures, education, negative forces, income, expenses, losses, house, property, litigations, debts, ancestral properties, Pitra dosha, accidents, Manglik dosha, etc problems can be given by you once you learn Astromani under expert guidance.

Orientation Program for Professional Practice
Since no learning is complete unless it enables the student to earn as a professional, we have tried to ensure practical utility of these courses in terms of reasonable remuneration. What separates our students from that of conservative pundits is the sense of self marketing vis-à-vis the prevailing prejudices against Astrology and allied sciences. We offers free classes to every student who successfully completes the complete course. Thus, the leadership style that we develop is aimed at an instant manager who not only explains the wisdom of an Astronomical phenomenon but as someone who is adept at psycho-spiritual counseling.
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