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Astrology And You

Astrology is not merely acknowledged as prophecy anymore but an esoteric language of ancient science. Purely mathematical calculations of celestial positions and their influence on our world that can help us to expand our vision and senses to better connect with the supreme cosmic energies that dwell in this vast multi-verse.This profound education has been a part of Indian heritage since forever. It was being utilized in identifying directions in several phases of life great personalities, and is still been nurtured by many aficionados who are pursuing it as a profession and educating others about the same.

Know About FISTP

We at Fistp, pledge to teach diligent aspirers about the depths of studying celestial positions and energies that once was a very popular academic part in many civilizations. Hence, in lead up to this, we stepped in the educational process with our own institute, where we can impart this incredible knowledge of self-discovery with our students who ultimately can help many others in rising above their problems and lead a life of contentment through effective techniques.

Fistp is been serving as a multi-purpose platform for budding astrologers, wherein its not just the education we impart with them but also provide them with a room for being a part of our expert clan. This will help them to give a kick-start to their career as an astrologer.

FISTP center for Vedic Astrology brings 1 hour Free training session on Vedic Astrology & it's components for everyone, working professionals and business owners. Create your free account below
Basic Level
One Month
Lectures: Four Lectures In A Week For 1:00 - 1:30 Hours
Language: Hindi & English
The Zodiac Signs
The Houses
The Planets
Aspects and Friendship of Planets
The 27 Nakshatras - Constellation
Advance Level
Two Month
Lectures: Four Lectures In A Week For 1:00 - 1:30 Hours
Language: Hindi & English
Art of Predictions
The Dasa System - Timing of Event
Important Yoga's
Marriage, Married Life & Love
Caree and Money
Professional Level
Two Month
Lectures: Four Lectures In A Week For 1:00 - 1:30 Hours
Language: Hindi & English
Prashana shastra
Transits Effects
Varga charts or divisional charts
D-9 Wife, Dharma & Destiny
D-10 Actions in Society, Profession
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Vedic Astrology-Online is a platform that breaks geographical boundaries for learning strology in more effective way. Students anywhere in the world can learn from best-in-class faculty in live and interactive virtual classroom sessions. All that is needed is a computer or a tablet with a decent internet connection.

A astrology-online session is exactly like sitting in a real classroom, and a whole lot more. Not only do you get a live broadcast of the teacher and her notes, you get to interact with students who are taking that session from all over the world, annotate alongside teacher notes and get your doubts cleared live.

An all in one advanced digital astrology training program for working professionals, employed and un employed person, covering A-Z of digital vedic astrology course, wherein you learn how to learn astrology online from industry leaders having years of experience in this domain.

Also, after learning all the vedic astrology concepts, you will understand how to implement your vedic knowledge to make money as a part time or full time freelancer. This performance-oriented training program comprises of 18 modules.

Starts Batches Any time, any day. Monday to Sunday
Class Timing Morning, evening & night
Fast Track Course
Duration 1 Month,
Class Duration 120 Minutes
Fees 9,250/-           Details
Medium Track Course
Duration 3 Month,
Class Duration 45 Minutes
Fees View Installments Details
All posts in "Case Study".  150+ Live Case Studies. A real life case studies. Learn live with webnair classes. Add your own Case Studies. Add 5+ Case Studies. Learn from your own case studies
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Case Studies on Career Prospects   |  Case Studies on Love Affairs   |  150+ Case Studies
Student's Case Studies
Case ID Birth Date Birth Place Birth Time
19331 17-11-1992 India,   Maharashtra,   Pune   17-45
19336 13-9-1973 India,   Haryana,   Faridabad   4-5
19335 3-4-1994 India,   Delhi,   Delhi   3-2
19337 16-4-1984 India,   U.P.,   Noida   4-8
19338 4-3-1975 India,   delhi,   delhi   3-2
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More Case Studies
Topic - Divorce
7-10-69, 1.40pm, Rohtak
Native has very weak marriage life. She got married in 1992, took divorce in 1994. Again she got married in 2007. She has a problems in her 2nd marriage.

Her husband's 1st wife had committed suicide. He got imprisonment in legal custody.

His 2nd wife (native herself) also tried for suicide. She got marriage two times. But she got failure two times.

Explain in detail
Topic - Health
12-1-82, 8.30am, Delhi
Native has normal health. He got a chronic disease tumor in left wrist in 2003. He did treatment and well. He has a regular problem of cold cough, sinus.

Explain in details
Topic - Married Life
9-11-78, 9.10am, Delhi
Native has a very weak married life. He has very complex and critical relationship with his spouse. Explain in detail
More Case Studies
Topic - Progeny
Date of birth 7-10-69
Time of birth 1.40pm
Place of birth Rohtak
Topic - Career
Date of birth 2-8-1968
Time of birth 6-20 am
Place of birth Tenali
Topic - Health
Date of birth 5-9-72
Time of birth 4.00am
Place of birth Delhi
Topic - Finance and Money
Date of birth 2-8-1968
Time of birth 6-20 am
Place of birth Tenali
Topic - Health
Date of birth 5-8-73
Time of birth 6.53pm
Place of birth Almora
Topic - Married Life
Date of birth 7-10-69
Time of birth 1.40pm
Place of birth Rohtak
Topic - Career
Date of birth 12-1-82
Time of birth 8.30am
Place of birth Delhi
Topic - Health
Date of birth 19-7-74
Time of birth 4.50 pm
Place of birth Hathras
Topic - Health
Date of birth 12-1-82
Time of birth 8.30am
Place of birth Delhi
Topic - Divorce
Date of birth 16-12-1960
Time of birth 11.10pm
Place of birth Kanpur
Topic - Finance and Money
Date of birth 2-10-64
Time of birth 5.30am
Place of birth Anantapur

Excellent Course Structure

Comprehensive Study Material
Vast course material with in-depth knowledge on each subject.
Study material has including pictures, examples and case studies.
Study material updated continuously.
At FISTP, mastering astrology won’t be any difficult as it seems, our planned course modules and help tools make learning process a cake walk.
Easy to Understand
Ready Reckoners , Charts, Inner Circle Papers
Now Your Home/Office/Shop is Your Classroom
We committed to deliver the outstanding and unique way of learning and wisdom. Specialisation Course and Orientation Program for Professional Practice.

Basic Level Course
Advance Level Course
Professional Level Course
150+ Live case stides. Add and learn from your own case study.


Specialisation - Medical Astrology
Astrology and Medicine. Disease. Planetary influence on body parts. Zodiac signs and disease. Diagnosis of disease areas based on horoscope. Ways of recovering health.
Specialisation - Business Astrology
Market forces, occupational tendency and professional aspects. Matters dealing with job, work, profession, business, service and industry, Introduction for predictions stock & commodity markets.
Specialisation - Prashna Shastra
Calculating auspicious time calculated on the basis of Panchang. Muhurata for marriage, starting business, house entry, land charging, purchasing, selling, machinery, puja, yagna, etc.
Orientation Program for Professional Practice
Since no learning is complete unless it enables the student to earn as a professional, we have tried to ensure practical utility of these courses in terms of reasonable remuneration. What separates our students from that of conservative pundits is the sense of self marketing vis-à-vis the prevailing prejudices against Astrology and allied sciences. We offers free classes to every student who successfully completes the complete course. Thus, the leadership style that we develop is aimed at an instant manager who not only explains the wisdom of an Astronomical phenomenon but as someone who is adept at psycho-spiritual counseling.
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Online Sample Lessons :- Cesarean and Astrology
Astrology is the art of interpreting the esoteric influence of star/planets on human affairs. Are you eagerly waiting for parenthood? Has the dream of a child become difficult? Learn from our expert astrologers will teach you children prospects in astrology. They would teach whether there are any hindrances in the birth chart suggesting delayed parenthood or problematic child birth. The main topics are as -

       - The yogas and causes of Cesarean prospects.
       - The astrological case studies on Cesarean.
       - How to calculate a perfect timings in Cesarean..
       - The yogas for childless couples.
       - The vishmotri dasa and calculate the birth timing in Ceasrean.
       - The transits calculate the birth timing in Ceasrean.
       - The Prashna Shastra and chances of Ceasrean.
       - The 12 lagnas and chances of Ceasrean.


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